MJD for Jump Freighters

Jump Freighters are meant to be jumped! No, seriously what do you guys think about special MJD module for JF? I’ve seen a lot of complaints about freighters dying to gankers (13 were lost only yesterday!) so there could be an option to consider without too much OP on either side. Sorry if this idea was mentioned by someone before me, haven’t seen it.

Can be implemented with long CD timer or even single use as emergency module which might be a better thing to do.


  • Chance to get away for JF from bumping or disruptor tackle
  • Still counterable by scram but making it harder for gunkers as bumping will not work anymore
  • Another module in the game to build and sell


  • Only for JF and not for regular freighters
  • Goes to LOW slot forcing to drop one module (this will require no ship changes from DEVs)

PS: I might not seeing some cons here, so point me on them.

-1 There is already a solution, the JF escorts kill the tackle and rep the JF.

There are already multiple threads on this topic. We don’t need another one.

I’m all for balance, I think the JF already has a counter (Jump to Cyno)

So if it was tackled and not under war dec, it was likely immediately tackled and gankied under gate guard or it was caught at a null sec Jump Beacon (also a legit mechanic).
If it was in a corp that had a wardec, well you probably should have not been there or had a corp support.

Similiar ongoing discussion…

really just escort in ls or ns, and in highsec if you are active it is very hard to get bumped

No need for an MJD when there is a cyno to jump to and if a JF doesn’t have a cyno to jump to and are ganked, then that’s on that pilot.

Yeah, isn’t one get-out-of-PvP button enough?

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