Mobile Depot Recon Mode

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Upwell technologies have adapted Blood Raider structure cloaking techniques on a micro scale to enhance all existing Capsuleer owned mobile depots at no additional cost. When deployed and ‘right-clicked’ on, depots feature the new option to place structure in recon mode. The research endeavor was undertaken to give capsuleers a greater range of tools for seeding resources into dangerous space.

Recon Mode:
+Removes depot structure from d-scan overview
+The in-space fitting tool remains accessible while in recon mode
+1337% additional cargo space (Standard = 40110m³ to Wetu & Yurt = 53480m³)! Recon mode uses enhanced quantum mechanics to expand cargohold capabilities of a Planck container.
+Assembled ships are compatible with Plank container enhancements

– Recon mode removes structure reinforcement timer
– Objects placed in recon enabled container are ‘locked’ in a liminal high energy state. To ‘unlock’ and remove an item, depot must be taken out of recon mode.
– Deactivation of recon mode is a 10 minute cycle down time that makes depot visible again on dscan while also maintaining reduced sensor strength and loss of reinforcement timer. Items cannot be removed from a recon enabled depot until this 10 minute timer ends.
– Structure is more easily scanned down by combat probes. 25% sensor strength reduction (Standard = 37.5 pts, Wetu = 186.5 pts, Yurt = 300).
– If depot is overloaded on cargo after leaving recon mode it enters a two minute silent countdown phase. At end of phase, the structure and all contents inside are blinked out of existence (likely destroyed but possibly warped to some random location in New Eden or Anoikis :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Just the cargo expansion by itself is a non-starter here. Per CCP recently discussing potentially increasing ship cargo space on Reddit. A container in space that suddenly finds itself overloaded on cargo capacity is going to have a bad day in system terms. I highly doubt the consequences for any other container are any better.

Also why on earth would CCP ever let you remove a depot from DScan let alone let you do so and then put an assembled ship inside?

What you want here is basically a pseudo-POS but a Depot is way too cheap for what you’re asking for here.

Hopefully CCP will get around to adding some kind of Small Citadel that serves the niche you’re talking about, but this is just a ridiculous pipe dream.

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Condense your idea to one line, and post it here with the rest of them:

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