Repack modules via Mobile Depot

Let’s put that thing to work: it should be able to give you the option to repackage the modules you drop inside it.

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What for?

I assume so they can be stacked.

To op, you should make your suggestion in the little things thread. It’s something that shouldn’t be too difficult for them to implement.

You realise that this would allow a dread to carry a full HAW refit?

Packaged, the guns are 1,000m^3. Unpackaged, they’re 5km^3, too big for a full set to go in the fleet hanger.

That’s a rather large advantage to be giving out.

Edit: Hmm, possibly not. I’m not sure the capacity of a Wetu off the top of my head. Is it 4k or 5k?

both variations are 4k. OG mobile depot is 3k


OK, feel free ignore what I said.