Mobile Observatory Changes [2021]

I took a look but couldn’t find a post with my suggestion although there are many talking about Cloak Defence timer. If its been suggested already my apologies.

I recently got back into eve and spent the past few weeks training up my clone to fly a covert ops cloaking ship as I find it the most interesting PvE and quickly became aware of the new (now fairly old change) Mobile Observatories that have been introduced into the game. I remember this was a topic that was brought to light many years ago but I thought it had been declined and forgotten about.

Reading the post from the Eve Team ( 2021-06-08 - BY EVE ONLINE) ) they’ve stated that it’s been implemented to stop Black Ops fleets. So my suggestion is could small non-combat equipped exploration ships such as the ‘buzzard’ and ‘anathema’ have a ship bonus that renders them exempt from this. I feel this has damaged gameplay for exploration and don’t see how a cloaked buzzard can be much of a problem to other players, while a cyno pilot will simply log off to wait for a fleet to form which seems to me more of an issue because they won’t appear in game at all.

Lol null bears fear the cyno something your “exploration” frigs can fit but above all else they fear the name in local without the blue square.


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