Modular model 4 citadels

Tired to always seeing the same citadels over and over?
Why not having modular models for them?
When deploying, you choose the placement, orientation, etc, but before you choose what your citadel will look like.

(In the rest of the post i will take about M citadels to make things easier to read.)
Here is the idea

  • To make things easy in gameplay logic, there is the “docking area” that will never change because like this it will pose no dedocking risks.
  • the player choose 3-4 pre existing models to assemble it’s own.
  • with a simple clipping management, ccp could ensure that the citadel will not break anything
  • the tethering is linked to the docking port, ensuring that it work whatever the final model if the citadel
  • since it’s a list of pre existing models, the skins will work without too much effort ( i hope at least)
  • they could allow model parts to be dropped , sold in the NES (and why not crafted )

And that’s all, if you are interested, lend a like and share the thread :slight_smile:

Or make Service and Combat modules affect the appearance of the structure’s hull like high slots do on ships.

Also a possibility but the change will be much more limited on my opinion and on structure of this size it will not be enough to have a “ this is my citadel” feel

This will all chance with the brand new “Upwell Structure Fireworks Upgrade”. Coming soon™ to a citadel near you!

combat mods do change the appearance just they are very tiny.

as to the idea i hope in the future we get pirate structures with unique models

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