Moira: GalMil PvP/Industry in Villore Accords Alliance

Moira, executor of Villore Accords Alliance is looking to open our doors to Pilots and Corporations specializing in PvP and Industrial activities in both EU & US TZs. We live out of Lowsec with a pocket of sov null allowing our pilots to make isk when their wallets are running thin from our voracious appetite for PvP!

That drive we speak of includes anything from small gang PvP to large fleet fights. We have both EU and US TZ FCs available, not to mention opportunities and create your own content for yourself and others by picking up the torch!

For those that go straight to the bulletins, here’s the summary of what we offer:

*Activity in-game & TS and Discord for communication - Be sure you have a working microphone!

*Community Based - Meaning RL comes first and we don’t pressure our pilots!

*Possibility of FCing (even if you’ve never FC’d before)

*Home Station Market Hub that’s well stocked with active Trade Partners

*Access to money making activities


*Again…. Coms coms coms, you must have coms to play eve!

*Be Self-Sufficient! We have so much to offer, you must take the first step and say hi.

*Unconditional loyalty to your lord and savior Julianus Soter

Interested applicants Join “M.Public Channel” (Case Sensitive) or join our discord and talk with a recruiter. If we’re not in there the moment you join please give us time!


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Recruitment is open! Come join “M.Public Channel” and talk with a recruiter!

What kind of industry?

Recruitment is Open!

Oreb, Come into public and we’ll talk about that if you want :slight_smile:

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Recruitment is Open! Join M.Public Channel for more information!

Recruitment is open!

Open Recruitment! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open! Come join “M.Public Channel” and talk with a recruiter!

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is open! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is Open! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open! :slight_smile:

Need something different? Come check out Moira!

Want something different out of eve? Apply today!

Bring more green paint! KBs Overload!

Open Recruitment! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurry! Bring more green paint for our killboards!

Recruitment is open! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open!