Molden Heath / Krullefor Inquest

Clever ruse, Eskola-Fae. Clever ruse indeed.

I can’t speak for what happened in talks with Electus Matari, but I can confirm that Corovid Industries Co-Chair Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana and Clan Chief Tiama Ramijozana both independently described to me a dialogue that took place during the summit, at which point Chief Tiama raised concerns regarding Matari politics and social implications around both the Thukker Tribe and the proposed redevelopment of Molden Heath.

Rest assured that these matters will be handled in process, and that there are, and will continue to be, Matari involved with them.

I’ve asked Chief Tiama to write a statement for me to publish on her behalf.


How about you both get your noses the hell out of Matari affairs.

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Already done. I admit, I let my hatred of the Bosena Accords and their CONCORD boot-licks get the better of me. So much so that I missed an obvious trap.

It won’t happen again.


I can understand your sentiment. In fact it’s become perfectly obvious that the warclone diaspora is deeply in over our heads when it comes to resolving this conflict, which is why I have taken steps to involve the Matari community extremely closely in this process.

We didn’t seek to stick our noses into Matari affairs, but rather fell arse-over-teakettle into it during what we expected to be a routine raid against rogue warlords in the region as a part of the Bosena Accords core mission of monitoring the warclone community. Once the extent of Krullefor and Seykal influence was uncovered however, it would have been irresponsible and a disservice to the people of the Heath to just leave well enough alone and ignore the problem. Especially when, if our theory that they are using warclone territory is true, we are at least partially responsible.

Rest assured, however, my time in the region has helped foster a kinship with the people of the Heath. I want what is best for the people that I have shared a home with over the last several years, and I am willing to pull the Bosena Accords back and out of the spotlight to make room for Matari leadership in this project once settlement efforts have started.

I understand the importance of keeping the destiny of the Matari in the hands of the Matari, and the nuance involved in that.


I see a whole lot of foreign claptrap to justify ‘we’re going to keep meddling until we decide the Matari aren’t incompetent children and can do things to our satisfaction’.


Were you unavailable to attend the summit yourself?

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Yes, I was unavailable to go to a summit where a bunch of foreigners invited non-Thukker to go into Thukker space and spout off about how the Thukker Tribe should run their internal affairs. And had I not had other duties to attend to, I still would not have gone into Thukker space at the behest of a bunch of foreigners in order to vent my spleen about how another Tribe should conduct their internal affairs.


Miss Anna,

Are you aware that our Warden of Avalon and the current leader of the Bosena Accords @KnightGuard_Fury , who gave the go-ahead for our anti-smuggling operations in the first place, is an established Matari native and maintains close ties and excellent standing within the Republic to this day? Or that we have purposefully included Clan Idisen of the Thukker tribe to act as Thukker advocates and advisors from the very start of this project?

I understand your suspicion in this, as I have repeatedly stated I understand the importance of the Matari maintaining mastery of their own fate. But I do believe it is entirely unfounded given the people involved in the project and the goodwill we have shown henceforth.

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As a Minmatar native who has more than excellent standing with almost every corporation in the Republic and good relations with Thukker, I can definitely say that I can take full responsibility of what possible outcomes this will bring. As I see it though, the entirety of the Molden Heath region needs to be taken better care of which I personally see a lack of from either Thukker or anyone living in the region. As someone who is trained into multiple activities and jobs, while managing operations and personnel and what goes on in the accords, As I have the biggest say so as Warden of the Accords, I do my best to be involved in these sorts of things, especially when it comes to matters in the republic, but I’m a busy person so I let Galm handle things for me and I handle all the unseen works.

Just because someone it appears to be interfering with empire affairs doesn’t mean they have little to no backing. yes, Molden Heath is Thukker territory, but as far as the planets and settlements go, they are mostly left in ruins, inhospitable, or off limits to combat zones, so as far as I see it letting the Republic work things out with the Thukker on improving overall life on planets that were previous warzones seems like a much better option than just leaving the area unmaintained

also this isnt just aimed at you Anna, but for everyone that is in on the subject.

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Do you understand that I don’t get a fetid fedo fart if you have a token Matari for your figurehead? How gracious of you to include a Thukker Clan. I’m sure they feel honored to be allowed to have a say in their own fate.

Then when you are the Thukker Chief, address that issue, rather than just acting like an entire Tribe’s overbearing father and declaring ‘if you don’t clean up your room, I’ll do it myself with a trash bag’.

So let them, without bringing a bunch of warclones and eggers into things they have no business meddling in. Shockingly enough, the Thukker don’t need your help to talk to the Republic. They’ve got a seat on the Tribal Council. I’m quite sure they know how to make a fuss if they feel it’s necessary.


To be completely honest with you, the Thukkers let Warclones operate in their territory, so if anything this is allowed to some degree as they are the ones who let us be here in the first place.

Are we in the right? Depends on who you ask.
But are we in the wrong? Definitely not

After all this isn’t Just empire affairs, this is also Warclone affairs.


A couple of things from my point of view:

  • Molden Heath is and has been Republic space from the start. It is not “Thukker territory”, though also Thukker live there and more of them since the reunion. (Great Wildlands is Thukker space.)
  • Traditionally, even before the Republic’s times, MH is by nature a multitribal region. It is also a border region with minimal development, especially when you go towards the Wildlands.
  • This means that just like in most places in Minmatar space, there is not one single governing entity over it, and that planets, systems, even single stations typically have complex multitribal arrangements in place.
  • This means people without understanding how multitribal jurisdictions work run the risk of starting explosions they do not intend to start.
  • Electus Matari is monitoring these talks, because we too have traditional ties to the region. We have not committed to any action nor lack there-of.
  • Revitalization attempts in MH are much appreciated, gods know the region needs it. Support to legal authorities - e.g. the Republic Justice Department or local legitimate clans/caravans/governing entities - are much appreciated. Hunting pirates and smugglers is very much appreciated. Trying to meddle with local jurisdictions from outside in how they run their businesses is not appreciated at all.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
XO, Unitas Nusquam Est
Head Diplomat, Electus Matari


my apologies on some of those points.

  • Molden Heath is and has been since its conception Republic space . It is not “Thukker territory”, though also Thukker live there. (Great Wildlands is Thukker space.)

I know what I said was a little incorrect. I am very particular about how I word things on a person to person bases. The Thukker are a nomadic people, so they don’t truly have any said “territory” or “home”. I was primarily trying to say that the region, besides the Great Wildlands, is where the Thukker reside around.

  • Traditionally, even before the Republic’s times, MH is by nature a multitribal region. It is also a border region with minimal development, especially when you go towards the Wildlands.

I actually didn’t entirely know how the settlements were handled in the region as I’ve mostly dealt with space affairs and Warclone combat operations during the peak of our time a few years back. maybe we could discuss this more later?

  • Trying to meddle with local jurisdictions from outside in how they run their businesses is not appreciated at all.

If anything, I can easily alter some of the proposes that Galm had said. Personally I’ll just work with both the republic and the local tribunals of the settlements, so as to not disrupt their everyday life in any negative manner. Next time I’ll make appropriate revisions in future operations and procedures if something like this happens that includes Warclones involvement in jurisdictional matters. Usually I’d give more input before Galm makes things public, but as Ive said before I’ve been busier than usual as of late.

I am afraid I do not know any specifics of any particular place either; I am merely going from how tribal lands and organization generally work. There is considerable local variation inside any one region, too.

This sounds good.

Do not get me wrong, I do not want to meddle too much myself. It is merely that coming through as trying to organize over-arching proposals that everyone in some region then will “have to” abide to generally goes down pretty badly in many tribal places. Even if said proposal would be fine with them if they were approached individually and offered it.

You could say it is one of the reasons why we had the coup in YC110 in the first place; people perceiving that the Republic encroached too much on internal matters of tribes.

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I understand how most regions and tribes handle their government and policies, I just have less of it when it comes to the Thukker in their region.

And as for the smuggling and crime problem, anything that is in space is much easier to handle as it would not require much besides tracking them down and eliminating them. planet side however I have my own special rules and regulations on these types operations (very similar to how I operated back in the Uprising days) and as long as its not near any known tribes/settlements the operations that I oversee shouldn’t cause much if any trouble. I suppose the main difficulty would be having permission to Operate and allow orbital deployment. (of equipment)

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If I may shed some light on this specific point as there seems to be a large amount of confusion even among those who were not present for the talks held on the 19th. Moreover, I would like to be given the chance to explain myself to our Warden so he can understand my reasoning when forming this plan and assure him that his willingness to give me a fair amount of independent leeway on projects outside of the Bosena Accords day to day operations is not unfounded.

There are no plans, nor have there ever been, in meddling in the affairs and administration of existing Matari settlements regardless of tribe or planet. I believe that this is an easy misunderstanding to make, and stems from a lack of understanding for most people about the specific details of warclone soverignty in Molden Heath. The planetary districts set aside for warclones in the Heath were undeveloped and unsettled, thus were offered to warclones for pioneering. Owning full control of all the designated planetary districts on a habitable planet did not mean that a warclone corporations “owned” an entire planet and had administative control of all the peoples there, only that they controlled all of the available space set aside to warclones for development. As planetside warclone activity has mostly died down since YC118, these regions are now once again largely unoccupied amd ripe for resettlement; this time for Matari citizens rather than outside mercenaries.

I believe that, if anything, this is more fair and less imperialistic than having these regions continue to be administered by a largely uninterested warclone diaspora. All the same, creating new Minmatar settlements and self-governing colonies is a far cry from meddling in existing local jurisdictions. There was never any intention for this project to impact prior existing colonies already established in the Heath in non-warclone areas.


You keep saying that we who frequent the IGS are “taking things out of context” or “misunderstanding” the situation - if that’s the case, you have an obligation to provide that context and understanding. Instead, all you have done since the inquest is hand-wave the situation as being “messy” and complex, and that you presume to not involve yourself in the affairs of the Republic or the Thukker under the guise of this being an issue of warclone affairs. Yet, in doing so, you assume that the jurisdiction of said settlements have not been reclaimed by the Minmatar, and that they are just detritus and ruin free for meddling You haven’t provided any concrete evidence at all that you know where to even focus your efforts.

Even if the latter case of this being a warclone affair is true (though I don’t think it is considering how quick you were to point me out as an ‘outsider’, ironic as that may be), on what authority do you have to interfere in warclone affairs at all besides those you have preordained for yourself and self-legitimized through the handful of associates who inflate your ego? You certainly didn’t invite Icarus Conflict Solutions to the table and I don’t see any other infantry organizations involved; why do you think this is at all acceptable?

Perhaps than rather than incessantly whining to no end to delegitimize our efforts out of nothing more than your personal vendetta towards us like a petulant child you should, I don’t know, wait until a formal statement is actually issued by the inquest and trust that the matari organisations that we have assembled have already helped us consider many of the points raised here. I understand that you are so eager to discount our efforts but at this point the amount you are willing to write off the work ahead of us and our efforts henceforth is just as offensive to the multiple matari organisations that are taking an equal role in solving the Molden Heath smuggling crisis as to the Bosena Accords. By insisting that we are somehow manipulating the Matari people or have no right to working towards solving the smuggling crisis, you are now devaluing the agency of those Minmatar citizens that have also put a significant amount of effort into assisting us.

I will, of course, always be willing to assuage the concerns of matari groups that might not be up-to-date on talks that concern matari matters and invite them to participate in the Inquest themselves to gain insight into some of the topics we have previously discussed. But I will not continue to entertain whining from the peanut gallery that has already openly admitted to having only joined this thread to antagonize us out of “hatred of the Bosena Accords and their CONCORD boot-licks.”

You do understand that while we maintain a small corporate element to manage our infrastructure the Bosena Accords is first and foremost a union and not a corporation or vertically-integrated infantry organisation, right? It seems like you’re placing the Bosena Accords on par with a single entity like Icarus when in reality the Bosena Accords is a loose syndicalist union that includes members from every major empire. We host signatories from the Intaki Liberation Front, various matari clans, Caldari PMCs, and dozens of other infantry organisations. All of these organisations have members that have agreed to ratify the Bosena Accords charter in exchange for representation in the Round Table Assembly and access to our shared resources.

Icarus Conflict Solutions was repeatedly offered signatory status and the right to participate in the Round Table Assembly as a part of the Bosena Accords in exchange for them agreeing to our union charter, which Icarus repeatedly refused.

You don’t get to refuse to abide by our union charter but then demand union representation.

At this point, Icarus has attempted to derail this Inquest and delegitimize our efforts enough that I feel a disproportionate amount of effort is being spent explaining things that should be evident to anyone else involved in the matter. If you have further personal gripes with the Accords you can feel free to ping me in the off-topic thread where I can promptly ignore you, but beyond that I don’t feel much need to interact further. Doing so just limits the conversation to your talking points and shifts the narrative away from tending to the crisis at hand.


Mr Eskola-Fae

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the details of this? I’m happy to receive this by mail.

This may be a legacy agreement still in place from before the retirement of our previous Suresha, but I can confirm there has been no ILF attendance to any meetings for a number of years now.

Thank you in advance.

Suresha | Intaki Liberation Front