Money in production t2?

I have small problem with production t2. I’m beginner in this so maybe i make some mistakes because i can’t meak enough profit or i have to high dreams about production.

My skills in invention are on 3 lvl so not too high but not bad also. In industry i have 5 slots and in labolatory i have 4 slots atm. I see that using decryptors for drons or ship equipment and modification is simply waste of money. I chcked it what will happen when i will have 5 lvl skils but there is the same problem. On products like that i earn about 100-200k per pcs. f.e. stasis web t2 i can earn around 220 isk per item so with my skils and production all day it gives me around 22kk per day. And around 660kk per month… I can’t earn even for plex per month…

I would like to know if i make something wrong or maybe production is realy so bad business in this game?

You do something else while production job runs .Production is passive isk so some people do it with dozens of characters.
Another good passive isk source would be PI
A good add to producing things would be trading you could try to get as much as you can per items this way

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Do you know how big is competition in Eve, You must have best skils, best implants, production lines rigged in right way, low cost for runs, low cost for materials so you can have low prices to push out other from market and earn enough ISKs.

It is all about COMPETITION!!!

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I know that but i thought that there is posibility to earn aroun 2-3 bilion per month only from production t2. Maybe i simply don’t unterstand this way of makining money.

With one char you need to go for the high value small volume items, capital modules and other expensive stuff. The small modules will only work with scale, means a lot of chars / accounts.

Passively you are probably better doing PI.

If he combines it with PI it’s almost passive plex ing income

Use EVE IPH linked in this forum.

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Sell items outside of the market hubs. For examples, you can sell mining modules and crystals around new eden for above market-hub value and people will buy them (opportunity cost) or consider selling modules in faction warfare hotspots (frigate items are particularly good). Just one of many possible ways to avoid the direct competition in market hubs.

it is all about COMPETITION

And add to this you will have to face people who Don’t even count their production costs correctly and will drop the prices just for the sake to be the cheapest on the maket….

That mean that you must be quick to adapt… an oppotuniny one week could be gone a week after…

Also, you must master the chain of T2 production from A to Z… if you Don’t mine, you can buy chemical element with buy orders, build the components then build the modules or ships… But if you buy the T2 components on sell orders, your costs of production will be high and you are already not competitive with most industrialists…

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There are a lot of players, including myself, who make a decent income through T2 industry in Eve but it doesn’t happen instantly. For me, it took about 2 years to accumulate enough character skill and player knowledge to consistently earn enough to PLEX my accounts. Even now, it takes considerable time and effort - often more than I am willing to invest. Eve is entertainment I am willing to pay for, not a full time job I expect to get paid for.

Look for high volume, high margin items where you can participate in several links of the value chain. Right now, most of my income comes from drones - I make my own robotics and guidance systems and do business in smaller hubs so margins are in the 70% range.

Study the market cycle for the products your’re interested in and pick your price point. Don’t chase the market down - let it come to you. With high volume items like drones, it won’t take long to hit bottom and bounce back.

For invention you want at least level 4 skills - for drones, all you need is Electronic Engineering, Graviton Physics and the racial encryption methods - not a long train. With lower skill you may be better off buying your prints on contract.

Good luck!

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Variety! More things you can build the better. Market will fluctuate, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Definitely raise your skills. If you have to buy materials be patient on buy orders.

Also, increase your slots on your main. to, say, 10.

Then train your alts for production too. 10 slots each. (because it’s faster to train a character to 10, than to train from 10 to 11.)

Then you have 6 times the productivity on a single account. or 3.6 billion per month.

Of course, you’ll have to diversify. Because if you do the same on all of the slots, you’ll flood out the market.

If one producer can flood the market, then the market is too damn shallow :frowning:

If you haven’t found it then:

At the risk of making @Steve_Ronuken blush: it’s rather good (invaluable), as are the rest of the tools on Fuzzworks.

it is. One player can easily flood the market for ONE item and crash it.

And by that, I mean VERY easily.

There should be a balance between high profit low turnover items and high turnover low profit items in your production portfolio.
Understand the market for your goods. That’s a mix of experience and research.

Manufacturing for sale is a ruthless PvP activity. More like chess than the sharp knife fight of combat, but still ruthless PvP.

Look at how much of an item moves in a single day, then look at how much of an item a single person can create in a day.

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Steve’s statement is correct—-maximum possible profit starts there.

As a small time t2 guy myself I have only this advice to offer:

Acquire all of your resources as cheaply as possible. You will eventually have 33 production slots. Do try and use them all won’t you?

I must be selling the right things in the right places.

I sit in a station 4 jumps away from a trade hub where I operate 2 moon mines pretty much for fun. I copy and invent in a station en-route to that trade hub. When I need fuel for my moon mines I stop by the research facility to pickup T2 BPCs, sometimes I just setup a courier contract to take the BPCs if I don’t need fuel. I buy datacores retail in the trade hub. I buy most of the materials to produce the items retail in the trade hub. I manufacture in the trade hub at a system cost index more than 5 times what I could be paying if I manufactured where my moons are, but I don’t want the hassle of picking up materials and trucking items back to the hub.

I’m lazy. I spend a small fortune of inflated system cost index and courier contracts. I still make a couple of billion isk a month using only 8 research slots and 9 manufacturing slots on a single character.