Monthly Economic Report - August 2017

The fully player driven economy in EVE Online is famous. To supply you with relevant information, we publish monthly economic reports. The Monthly Economic Report for August 2017 is now ready!

Check out the Monthly Economic Report for August 2017.
The raw data, including the killmail dump, can be found here (24 MB).

You can also review previous reports here.

For deeper understanding of the indices used in the report, please have a look at the following explanations.

Mineral Price Index (MPI)
The Mineral Price Index (MPI) shows the price changes in all eight minerals used to produce ships and other items in EVE. The weight of each mineral in the index changes each month is based on the relative trade values of the previous month.

Primary Producer Price Index (PPPI)
The Primary Producer Price Index consists of manufacturing items used for the production of other manufacturing items at the secondary stage. Manufacturing items used for the production of final consumer goods are excluded. The index includes such item groups as ore, moon materials, planetary commodities, sleeper relics, and items used in invention.

Secondary Producer Price Index (SPPI)
The Secondary Producer Price Index contains production materials and other production items that are used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, i.e. goods included in the Consumer Price Index.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
The Consumer Price Index measures the overall price changes of consumer products. This is not limited to consumables such as fuel, ammunition or PLEX, but also includes assets such as ships, modules, implants and starbase structures. In summary, anything that is not primarily used to produce other goods is included in the index, which contains over 4000 individual items.



As expected the Bounties are climbing back after the dip from the war. Be interesting to see where they level out again.

Anything in here around LP value and supply?

A more in depth version of the lp exchange rate stats on would be cool.

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