Monthly Economic Report - August 2019

Now I’m not saying you’re wrong but I’m surprised none of the CCP fanboys have called you out on that statement.

Probably because it’s not worth engaging with a person so delusional and paranoid they can’t even read the first post with the direct link to the raw data.

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lol, guess all the torches and pitchforks are being used elsewhere.

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there is a difference between raw data and the processed data provided us. and dang lady why do I have to be paranoid and delusional. I do remember that this is just a game that’s supposed to be fun. so before I go crazy ill go do some thing else.

What you want account level data? Never going to happen unless you get a job at CCP and oddly I don’t think that will happen.

Because lying won’t get them much. If things are horrifying and worse than you say, then at best they’ll fool people for a bit then that’s it.

Can I have your stuff?

That’s the issue with this experiment … it showed to a lot of people who never should have been living in nullsec that there is actually nothing else than stupid mining and ratting in nullsec for them in that game, and after being forced out of “fun” for 2 months, they probably realized it and quit.

The emperor is naked now.

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Of course, change the rules change the outcome…at least until NS can react. The Imperium is looking at and reacting to these changes. Given their culture and institutional depth they’ll be fine. Some other NS groups might be okay too. But my guess is the Imperium will come out ahead…because of their culture and institutional structure.

And then the truly ironic bit will be everyone will claim what they perceived as a nerf to the Imperium was actually a buff. Namely @Rivr_Luzade and his merry band of anti-Goons. For them motivated reasoning knows no bounds.

Edit: I expect at least 5 angry responses to this post. Don’t let me down guys!!! Maybe even having it declared “inappropriate” by a few really bad posters.


Well, it doesn’t seem bad to me but hey, why not … Your post is inappropriate … x5


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