Monthly Economic Report - December 2017

The Monthly Economic Report for December 2017 is now ready!

The raw data, including the killmail dump, can be found here (21.2 MB).
You can review previous reports here.

For deeper understanding of the indices used in the report, please have a look at the following explanations.

Mineral Price Index (MPI)
The Mineral Price Index (MPI) shows the price changes in all eight minerals used to produce ships and other items in EVE. The weight of each mineral in the index changes each month is based on the relative trade values of the previous month.

Primary Producer Price Index (PPPI)
The Primary Producer Price Index consists of manufacturing items used for the production of other manufacturing items at the secondary stage. Manufacturing items used for the production of final consumer goods are excluded. The index includes such item groups as ore, moon materials, planetary commodities, sleeper relics, and items used in invention.

Secondary Producer Price Index (SPPI)
The Secondary Producer Price Index contains production materials and other production items that are used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, i.e. goods included in the Consumer Price Index.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
The Consumer Price Index measures the overall price changes of consumer products. This is not limited to consumables such as fuel, ammunition or PLEX, but also includes assets such as ships, modules, implants and starbase structures. In summary, anything that is not primarily used to produce other goods is included in the index, which contains over 4000 individual items.


Does the mining value include moon mining? I assume so, but would like confirmation.

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Ok, mining is already WTH, bounties is already WTH … but now Delve is about to outproduce The Forge? :thinking:

Delve mining value down again, but glad to see ratting income has started to pick up. Maybe the downward trend of Delve’s total-faucet-value will flatten out/reverse in the next month or two. Nice job winning eve again this month! (obligatory grrGewn)

Given the shakiness of estimated price data for moongoo ores, perhaps future reports could include m^3 mined instead of (or in addition to) value?


For years the goon propaganda machine went on about how NPC’s and mining were killing the game…until they were not.

At the same time that the propaganda machine was justifying any attacks against those income streams not controlled by goons, the goon lobby machine was pushing CCP to create new game mechanisms and alter old ones that vastly skewed that wealth distribution towards null sec. Many years ago goons recognized more than any other organization that the highest level of meta-gaming was by getting inside CCP’s decision-making process. Paying for those VIP suites for CCP dev’s was strictly an investment, one of several, that has paid off in spades.

If mined values are based on the price of ores mined, and the entirely new moon ores declined in value as volume mined picked up and vast stockpiles of moongoo were put on the markets, and if moon ores were a significant fraction of Delve’s total mined value, (not expected) then I could blame Delve’s declining mined value over the past 2 months on a moon ore price decline.

I took a look at the ProducedDestroyedMined.csv, and saw that EVE as a whole is mining more each month. While EVE is proportionally “steady” Nov-Dec, Delve’s decline seems significant.

Total Mined value:
43.8 T - Oct
52.1 T - Nov
53.1 T - Dec

Delve Mined Value:
14.7 T - Oct
13.9 T - Nov
11.6 T - Dec

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In order for more mining to happen, you’d need more ues for the mined stuff. Maybe the market isn’t interesting enough at this moment or maybe in order to create another 1000 Supers they currently have to deal with a SP bottleneck.

What can we do for you to share moon mining data with us? Will you take beer as a bribe?

If you feel it is too early for absolute numbers in m3, a regional comparison in % would be interesting as well.

I bet you CCP guys keep thinking there is not a HUGE problem regarding Delve. Isn’t it ?

All that ore and money made in Delve is staying in Delve. The imports are high but the exports aren’t much. Whatever is going on down there it’s big.

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