Monthly Economic Report - May 2023

We are still missing an info on how many ships have been removed through Paragon: in conjunction with ships destroyed (which we have) it would be useful information for Manufacturers and Traders.

CCPls provide some editorial content with these. I know you prefer the players to make up their own minds about What It All Means, but some statistic could be randomly selected each month, for a paragraph or two from the in-house economic brain trust.

I still wax nostalgic for the QEN: EVE was the only video game for which (for a few years) a print-quality report, styled after real-world corporate annual reports was produced. Marketing genius, that could be printed and left in a Doctorโ€™s office โ€” on top of any public stack of waiting room magazines, to confuse people.

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if they wanna know what is wrong with the economy, there is a small hint hidden in this picture, but itโ€™s really hard to see:

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These orcas are in war dec immune corps/alliances with hundreds and thousands of chars in them. Thatโ€™s wrong with this picture and what harms the economy.

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Diamond NPCs removing and replacing Pocos would be fun. Guess it would have to be evermark now that interbus is gone.

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over availability of all harvestable raw materials is the problem. That alone is what allows that screen shot to be taken.

But the situation is even worse in null with fewer ships on grid that can mine much faster than all of those combined, and mine far more material multiple times per day, than is available in that entire solar system

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