Monthly Economic Report - November 2022

Ti is going to be cheep

No we don’t. Just causes inflation.

Edit - wait…I’m confused actually did you mean a sink or a faucet…which now by typing I am finding hilarious in the context of a kitchen.

High sec is the only place to get a lot of trit and they have a decent amount of other ores now. Mining in high sec is not as low profit as people make it out to be ATM.

It’s less low profit that it was but it’s still the lowest profit. Anyone mining highsec ore for profit that isn’t running a massive multibox fleet would overwhelmingly be better off doing anything else.

I think for the spike in mining rates though there’s a bunch of factors, like the free omega and the cheaper omega deals that have pushed up active accounts along with things like the uptick in trit being used to make ships which are consumed for evermarks. I doubt there’s a single leading factor.


No it’s miners making alts duh

I really, really want to see how much abyss activation has declined. A 2/3 Trillion reduction in item value (red) indicates it’s gone down nicely.

That also means people are less wealthy, which is pressure to get less PvP in game or buy more PLEX from CCP…

Triglavian ships may also rise in price.

After having carefully examined the material put forth in the OP I conclusively say with strong assertion that I have no clue what I just seen… Does that mean EVE is dying?

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So, not likely to have time for a deep dive for a bit, but initial thoughts:

Money supply spiked because of character numbers. That’s likely a result of people using the 7-day Omega to check out the FW stuff. We’ll have to see how well it holds up.

More worrisome is the ISK velocity. You can see those people coming back and getting active testing out FW and needing to replace ships… and then it start tailing off. Maybe part of that is ‘I bought more ships than I needed to replace right away’, but maybe it’s ‘meh, not staying’. More ‘we’ll see’.

What’s this ? Why do you have to import blue loot into w-space ? Only new graphs without any context.
Brilliant. MER indicate You grasp and comprehend the game economics completely. Awesome.

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EVE has been dying for the past 18 years without a break.
This time EVE is really dying it seems since CCP themselves have no clue what those graphs mean !


At a guess, that’s movement of blue loot from j-space system to j-space system, en route to k-space. That’s why it’s consistently smaller than exports.

“small” ships are expensive

1.1 ish bil in frigates and destroyers , and people think PVP ships are free

It’s far more likely than money supply shot up because of the DBS changes. CCP effectively doubled the bounties in busy nullsec ratting systems.

so CCP is buffing null sec crabs? :astonished:

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Yeah. Well technically it’s removing a nerf, but yeah from the point of view of the data now vs recent months, it’s a buff.


If you look at the graph the right hand columns indicate the flow of loot. So, you can see how loot is moving through jspace. A lot of wormholers live in C2s or C5s, but farm out of higher levels. The graph reflects how loot may be harvested in a C3, brought to a C2 home, where it’s sold to the corp and then finally exported to hisec.


I don’t think so. If that was the cause of the spike, corporate taxes would have shown a proportionate, albeit smaller, spike in the corporate money supply.

Assuming that the bulk of those bounties was accrued through corps that had a tax rate.

I’d say that the money supply graph looking like this:
And the faucets graph looking like this:
Suggests that bounties are the cause.

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I don’t think so isk velocity is going up or at least starting to which is a good indicator of at least not tumbling to death further.