Moon drilling efficiency rigs not working?

(Smart Brother) #1

We have this athanor with a moon drilling efficiency rig. According to the rig description, the materials should increase by 2% each time it is fired. However the quantities seem to be very much the same. Anyone knows how this thing is supposed to work ?

finished extraction :

The moondrill fitted to ************ in ********* has been fired by ***************** and the moon products are ready to be harvested.
Estimated ore composition:
Coesite 294,262 m³
Cubic Bistot 898,248 m³
Flawless Arkonor 1,037,214 m³
Opulent Pyroxeres 708,765 m³


new extraction started:

An extraction has been started for ***************, at ***************** in *****************.
Extraction was started by *****************.
The chunk will be ready in location on Saturday, June 23, 2018 10:00, but will autofracture on Saturday, June 23, 2018 13:00.
Estimated mineral composition:
Coesite 294,320 m³
Cubic Bistot 898,427 m³
Flawless Arkonor 1,037,420 m³
Opulent Pyroxeres 708,906 m³

(ISD Sakimura) #2

The bonus is not cumulative. if you want to compare you’d need to do an extraction without the rig

So taking into account the 2% bonus, Estimated “base” ore composition would be:

  • Coesite: 288,492 m³
  • Cubic Bistot: 880,635 m³
  • Flawless Arkonor: 1,016,876 m³
  • Opulent Pyroxeres: 694,867 m³

Working as inteded.

(Smart Brother) #3

The first report was the yield before the moon drilling rig was installed

(ISD Sakimura) #4

Ok, then you’d have to actually mine the entire field in order to know the exact yield. It is only an estimate you get, before hand. :slight_smile:

(Anderson Geten) #5

or maybe the message does not take the rigs installed into the formula.

(Chan'aar) #6

Are you in high sec? Do the rigs affect high sec drilling at all?

(Smart Brother) #7

no, its a w-space moon

(system) #8

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