Moon Mining Asteroid Field

I’m curious about the size and shape of asteroid fields created in moon mining.

I watched a YouTube video and was left with the impression that the field is sort of dinner-plate shaped and is perpendicular to the mining laser, essentially an expanded and spread-out version of the mineral slab pulled-off the moon.

Is that correct?

Is there a typical height, width and depth?

Does it vary with drill cycle time (e.g. 7 day extraction smaller than 40 day extraction)?

How far off the Refinery does the field appear?

How is the field size affected by Refinery rigs?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

“The amount of time chosen will determine the size of the moon chunk being extracted on a linear scale. Extractions can be set at any period between 6 days and 56 days to complete.”

You should read this mate:

I cannot tell you the exact distance from the refinery, nor the exact astroid field size, at a given day. Maybe someone else can.

If you undock from the refinery, you will be able to warp to almost every rock. However, you won’t be able to warp to the Refinery. If you make a bookmark in space from the undock, you’ll be able to warp to that instead and then dock.

So the distance is about 150 - refinery_size.

There are rigs that affect mineral amount, and spread (height, width, depth). I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to work out the exact numbers.

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