Moon Mining Revamp

I would like to suggest creating a moon mining harvester (t 1 & II) that only works on moon ore. This harvester would only be able to fit on an barge or exhumer class ship.

Drones would no longer be able to mine Moon ore. This would remove the ability of fleets of afk Orcas sucking up moon ore. This would also allow players to better protect “their” moons by removing a super buffed Orca and replacing it with a barge or exhumer. Granted a proper fit skiff is an issue, but it’s still a better choice over an Orca in my opinion, if you feel ganking is what is needed to protect “your” moon ore.

We already have different types of harvesters for Ice, Gas and regular ore, so it doesn’t seem like a stretch to include a new version for Moon ore. Also, ice was mined for many years with only the use of a harvester, so again I do not feel this is a stretch.

This suggestion is to remove a possible afk/botting activity, whether it is in high sec or null sec. In this case, I just used the high sec version. The activity level for a player between a fleet of Orcas and a fleet of Skiffs is huge. It is very difficult to afk mine and watch Netflix, while controlling a fleet of Skiffs.

I believe this suggestion is quite fair for the game as a whole, although most moon miners won’t think so, but I hope it is given a proper consideration.

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I would just give all industrial command ships a negative role bonus for mining because it is not just moon ore these ships are botting.

Yes, I totally agree. It has become a real problem for sure. My suggestion is based on high sec mechanics and the Orca in particular. However I would also like to see Ice belts become cosmic sigs that need to be scanned down and move from system to system when depleted.

Reward active game play, this afk/botting crap needs to go!

I think what would drive much more conflict would be suspect state for anyone who isn’t legitimately mining there. It would also seperate the thrash miners from the competitive miners really, really quickly.

That option certainly has been discussed and it would be a lot of fun to try.

Personally, I could see it being abused by awoxing. Form a “dummy” corp, recruit miners like crazy, kick a guy or guys from a corp while they mine in pretty Orcas, guy(s) turns suspect, fleet warps in and guy(s) goes boom. I probably missed a step with the station access, but you get the idea.

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