Moon mining

Can I ask you CCP what is the point in having all there different roid names when they give you all the same minerals bit daft really

Did they remove the +5% and +10% variations of those asteroids? I thought that was the point of the special name.


They don’t give you the same minerals… named variants give you more minerals per unit, while different moon rocks give you different moon goo.

I know different moons give you different moon goo and different minerals my point is that I have three different roids there and all give the same three mineral but just different amounts what’s is the point in that it’s a waste why not make one of the three really hight in them three minerals and the other two roids give you other minerals you would find on a other moon but less than a moon that as that as a main mineral as they are different roids just seems really daft

No, they don’t give you the same minerals. Double check on goo they give you - sylvite gives you evaporative deposites, bitumens give hydrocarbons, coesite gives silicates, and zeolites give atmospheric gases.

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Yeah there gasses not minerals all three roids give you Pyerite Mexallon that’s it what’s the point in having three different types that give you the same two Pyerite Mexallon just seems daft when you can have one that does the same it all boils down to CCP fixing something that’s not broken it was fine how it was in the first place

They give you DIFFERENT MOON GOO… they don’t give you exactly same thing.

Its pointless having this discussion with you as your not seeing my point
Like I say you have all these roids that give you the same minerals Why there is no point as you can see these are all the ore you get from moons and the only minerals you get in all of them is two minerals Pyerite Mexallon|

|Ore| Pyerite|Mexallon|
|Bitumens| 6,000|400
|Brimful Bitumens| 6,900|460
|Glistening Bitumens| 12,000|800
|Sylvite| 4,000|400|
|Brimful Sylvite| 4,600|460|
|Glistening Sylvite| 8,000|800|
|Zeolites| 8,000|400|
|Brimful Zeolite| 9,200|640|
|Glistening Zeolite| 16,000|800|
|Coesite| 2,000|400|
|Brimful Coesite |2,300|460|
|Glistening Coesite |4,000|800|
No point at all for having all these different roids

OP are you able to read?

as @darkestkhan_Eriker wrote you, they give you different moongo and same amount of pyerite mexallon. So they have different names because they give different moongo.And there are brimful/glistening variants which provide higher amount of moongo. What’s the problem???

see the difference here

you see that the difference between monazite and shining monazite??? don’t you find it significant?

i can tell you that when a moonbelt has the “jackpot one”, every miner is happy, and doesn’t pay attention to your problem with names…


O my god am not talking about the dam gas nor the amount you get am say what is the point of having all the different roids when the main minerals you get is just Pyerite mexallon why not Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine, Megacyte Tritanium because in the div blog they say All basic materials (Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon, Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine, Megacyte) will be removed from moon ore DNA why leave just Pyerite, Mexallon why not mix it up Tritanium, Pyerite… Mexallon, Isogen… Zydrine Pyerite… Nocxium Tritanium

Because they wanted to specifically remove those mineral types. Their reasoning mostly stems from there being too many minerals floating around in eve and they wanted to reduce that amount.

WE HAVE DIFFERENT ROIDS BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN DIFFERENT TYPES OF MOON ORES, AND DIFFERENT AMOUNTS OF MOON ORE. BECAUSE THIS IS MOON MINING. WHICH WAS INITIALLY DESIGNED TO MINE MOON ORE. Even if you don’t want to talk about moon ore (“the damn gas”… lol…), this the MAIN COMPONENT of these droids. Which will give them their value. That’s why their names are different, you see?
and i should answer, as you did, “we “are not talking about the dam normal minerals””, which seem to be your obsession

I stop there, i feel so tired…

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Moon ores are now meant for what they were intended for in the first place. Moon goo. Basic mineral types, for the most part, have been removed from moon ore.


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