More clones per citadel (after Advanced Infomorph Psychology V)

Hi all together,

I would like to see a possibility to improve the “clone spread” which happens when I use all of my clones.

–> To be able to store more clone in one citadel
–> It´s quiet powerfull - so it should require " Advanced Infomorph Psychology V" which is a month of training, before you could have more than 1 clone / citadel.
–> call it “Multiple Infomorph Psychology” -> so you could store 6 clones in one citadel.

Greetings Fabric,

See my thread about high-sec insta-jump charges where jump clones are replaced with a central computer where your clones and implants can be automatically downloaded and installed from any location.

It’s a cool idea although it could do with a bit more development. The idea is to make travelling through highsec a lot easier.

But this is a complete different idea.

You could use a ceppie with autopilot for this (someone might shoot at you, but implants can´t be scanned)
But your idea would be great - simply drop a bunch ganking ships everywhere and you don´t need to travel to the staging - simply go there and kill every miner in HighSec.

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