Double the effects of Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology

like the title says, double the effects of the two skills, Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology.

All these new implant sets, and no new clones to take advantage without clearing out some other set(s).

Loose more clones. :p.
One imagines that this is intentional that you can’t have all the implant sets you want.

I remember when they added Advanced Infomorph Psychology, and the same argument was made then too :rofl: (lose more clones). The argument would still apply (can’t have them all), just gives you a few more to play with.

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Oh sure. Though adding 10 more clones is pretty big. I wouldn’t cry if they did this, I just think that clone number being an actual restriction is a good thing, as it helps restrain power creep on a large scale since it makes it hard for everyone to have a perfect clone.

If they get around to removing attributes I’d be more for this, as attributes are what make low grade implant sets far less worth it.

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My first gut reaction was loooooooooool no

But then I remembered there’s that painful 19-hour delay (for use other than same-POS at Upwell clone bays)… I can back this, at least doubling the first skill if not the second.

I thought clones were for moving around quickly, not for collecting expensive implant sets. :astonished:

I have been playing it all wrong!

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