Alpha Jump Clones?

I am a max skill alpha and was wondering how many jump clones can I have.

My Corp is sharing space in a worm hole and I thought I should install one in there.

The number of jump clones is controlled by the skill Infomorph Psychology. Your character sheet should have it color-coded Alpha/Omega.

I believe the answer is 1 jump clone.

Infomorph Psychology is to one. Dose that mean I have 1 or 2.

I thought the one i die and wake up into and one jump clone that I can swap into

Means you have 1.

The clone you die into isn’t a jump clone, it’s a medical clone. You actually never see any clone, there’s no such item; “clone” is just a term.

Without Infomorph Psychology, your character doesn’t die when podded, but instead re-spawns at some home station, ready to continue playing. With Infomorph Psychology, you get a teleport location per skill point. That’s how it would be explained in other MMO’s.

Remember to change your home base to be close to where you teleported, each time you teleport.

Then you have:

  • Your active clone called Medical Clone
  • 1 inactive clone called Jump Clone

Also If you go Omega and train into more jump clones and install them, if you then revert to alpha you can still use the existing clones untill you lose them (by having a jump clone in your medical clone station, don’t do that)

I have never used my jump clone in my whole life.

I plan on resubbing, I miss my orca and Exhumers.

You know you can not jump to clone from k-space into w-space, right? In w-space you can switch clones only if both clones are in same structure in WH.

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Really? I never messed with one so I have no idea

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