More options for creating a group than just forming a corporation

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Hi , I would like to discuss the idea of offering more options when deciding to form a group of players into a group. At the moment the options are corporations or alliances.

For example there should be a option to form a warband with the leader being assigned the role of warlord or a pirate band and so forth . These types of groups wont have a option for tax for obvious reasons . But will have income options like percentage of loot which needs to be deposited to the group hangar or a minimum isk donation that needs to be made per month or 3 months max .

I believe this may shake up group politics which may create more content , options like civil war or leadership battles should be a option in these sorts of group which should be dependent on member votes or even kill mail values .

anyways please discuss and see if there is any logic in my madness

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You’re talking about implementing complicated mechanics to do something you can already do as a player organization with existing tools.

Functionally speaking this sounds like one of those ideas that’s cooler as an idea than it is in practice. Especially alternative forms of deciding leadership. What determines leadership in Eve is generally a combination of charisma and a willingness to actually do the work of running things. People who get lots of kills are unlikely to be both of those, and even less likely to even be willing to do all the grunt work that it takes to make a corp or alliance function.

If you want to make a corp that ‘taxes’ PvP loot then write an API tool that auto-scrapes corp killmails and determines ‘tax’ and tracks a hangar in the corp to make sure loot is deposited.

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No taxes? that is quite the generous Warlord you got there for letting any one be part of the gang and not contribute a single dime.

Regardless, think it’s going a bit too far with those added options, Corporations already do its job and people can always decide to put in the bio “Hey, we are pirates, and love to RP as pirates”, and Alliances are when people unite corporations, so, guess you could say that the leader of a reckless alliance is pretty much a warlord…

Corporations and Alliances are NOT defined by their name, they are defined by the people within said corps and alliances, and just like @Cade_Windstalker said, they already do what is needed for all sort of roles.

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Ok I hear what you guys are saying, players can shape corporations the way they want now ,

I think theses changes could encourage a certain type of play style , so for instance the pirate faction group , you have two options for paying your pirate leader ( or pirate king which I think sounds cool) for being in his group ,

Either add 50mil worth of loot into the pirate hanger(plunder hall) or make a donation to the said hanger of 100mil , this is just a example but it would encourage the player to actually go out and shoot things instead of grinding to donate there cash .

Just an idea to add a little bit of spice to corp mechanics

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Can I make a suggestion… You are asking for too much and yet too little. What I mean is… You are asking for a very specific style corp with special mechanics which require a lot of programming resource but would be usable by a small minority of people. So s lot of resources spent on a small return.

Now don’t get me wrong… Corp and corp management needs an overhaul and a major UI clean up. But in your case, might I suggest a different approach?

Think about what you want to accomplish and what tools you would need to do that task. Then ask for the tools.

For example… You want to track donations of loot, have a setable threshold and kick any who don’t meet that threshold. This is the idea of donating 50 mil in loot or else and the tool you would need. You could use it for your pirate corp idea. I could also use it to make a mining corp that does not tax but requires a donation of 50 mil in minerals per month. Now one tool serves a broader audience. Granted, this could be done manually by checking the log for a given hangar but automation males life and content creation easier.

So what tools would you need?

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You can do this without having to form a corp or alliance. your ‘War Band’ idea can be done loosely with a shared chat, and fleet mechanics. you just invite and kick who you want form your channel. They can add to there bio’s they are a member of your org. You pay no taxes, and have a structure for how you want. Of course this also has a lot of limitations, but meh.

there was an idea, that ccp was going to make a ‘social corp’ type of thing, basically a light corporation where people in different groups that hang out can easily without leaving there group. But it kinda died on the vine for now. Making a corp is the easiest way to do what you want.

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Chat channels

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Yeah, I see that it would be a lot of work for minor changes but it could help entice new players to the game by giving them a little direction when setting up a group/corp. EVE is hard to adjust to if you are use to games holding your hand. I personally love that about EVE but new players might not see it that way .

This is Idea could also be expanded to upon to other group professions. Like mercenary corp/private contractors, bounty hunter Posses and so forth. Perhaps certain benefits from performing actions associated to your groups profession . For Example a market tax incentive for miner corps if they have a certain amount of ore mined in a month .

All these are quite loose and off the cuff ideas I will admit , but the overall picture would to simply give the players more choice in game .

I would add that don’t believe a Player who is a flagged pirate with a - sec status should be able to join a legit corporation who is subject to concords laws. so this idea would feed into that .

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I thought of doing something like this once. Having an option to create ‘Families’ and clans and so forth. There is a lot of politics, bloodlines and backstory in EVE that could be used as further fuel to the fire. You could also have churches, cults, religious sects, etc.

What it works down to is that you already have the tools to do this in game.

The first tool is your bio. Put something like ‘Prisoner 8957’ or ‘Heretic of Heek’uul’ in your bio to tell people something about yourself other than the corporation you work for.

The second tool is the chat channel. A chat channel is like a de-facto corporation, or really more like a gang. You could be a secret member of this chat channel, and no one in your corporation need know about it. You can get this ‘gang’ of people on the chat channel to do anything that you can convince them of, and that they will agree to.

Third tool, fleet finder. You can run your own fleet with your own name, and again, that is like a defacto corporation. When you set the fleet, you name the fleet, and determine that only people with a certain standing are allowed to fly with you. People from other corporations can fly with you too. If you train up leadership skills, you can fly bigger fleets and pass down bonuses.

The name of this fleet doesn’t have to have ANYTHING to do with your corporation at all. Your fleet is your gang. The purpose of that fleet can be up to you.

Fourth tool: Mailing list. You can use the EVEMail mailing lists to correspond with the others in your social club, cult or cabal.

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I understand that all of these ideas can be half done with these methods . But what I am suggesting is a way of making Professions in eve a more serious decision and changes the way you can play the game . I have already discussed how I feel being a pirate should change the way you can join groups/corps among other things .

I really think there is a missed opportunity here to expand on the idea of specialising in a chosen field . Another example would industrial corporations where a option when forming a corp to make it an industrial would allow with certain benefits to tax or to industry mechanics or some kind Or even bonuses to industry ships stats. Again I think this provide a interesting opportunity when deciding on joining a corp or creating one .

Another idea related to this would be corps set up for tax purposes . If you want a corp with low taxes( Tax haven if you will) then you must have your offices in low sec and any structures can only anchored here as well . A interesting issue for mission runners to deal with potentially , or not but worth a discussion at any rate . Again spouting ideas as fast as my brain allows it seems

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