More options when dealing with loyalty points

Currently when looking at your tally of Loyalty points, apart from a filter where you can narrow down to a partiicular faction there is nothing else to filter. Can we have more options please for quality of life when it comes to LP

Such as…

1: As well as showing closest Loyalty Point store, suppliment that with #jumps to that store, it is ok showing the closest but whats really needed is how close is that closest! there is a ton of space to the right that would hold that info

2: Allow us to filter by #LP, I’ve loads of NPC LP with stupid amounts, 38, 40, 7. I can get nothing for that amount of LP, allow me to set a filter so i can remove those from view

3: Even better than #2, allow us to delete/waste/throw away LP, I may not ever want to do missions for the corp I have 58 LP with, let me bin them.

4: With Binning LP remove the corp from the list, dont let it sit there in the list with a “0”



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