More skill hungry ( battle - )ships - more impact/benefits please - pirate ships>marauders :((

(Nerdz Rool) #21

Its not allowed, No matter how many systems you use.

(GoPackGo Aurilen) #22

Marauders are a joke. Neat they tank a lot but their damage is terrible and sitting in bastion for a full min why you get combat probed down in one pass sucks too. You can do 99% of the PVE you want to far better w/ a blinged out RS that is far less skill intensive and still a billion cheaper than a marauder. Give marauders the damage they deserve and then they might be worth the train an the isk.

(Do Little) #24

It’s interesting to see two camps arguing whether Marauders or Pirate Battleships are “better”. One camp prefers Marauders and considers them good value. The other camp prefers Pirate Battleships. This tells me that CCP have done a pretty good job balancing them - you don’t want everyone choosing the same ship!

(hmskrecik) #25

Strong words regarding ships which can easily dish out 1200 DPS at decent range. Are there even better options? Sure. Does it though make every other “the worst”?

What sort of PVE are you doing in which being in one place for more than a minute makes it dangerous to you?

Maybe this is the biggest misconception you’ve got. The thing is, you do not need to bling a marauder. You will be perfectly fine flying T2-only fit. Hell, if you are ballsy you can even fly with incomplete fits. The bare bone Kronos is able to finish every L4 mission while having one low and one mid slot empty.

As @Do_Little wrote, this is a sign of good balance when you have meaningful choices. You want highest DPS out there? Go for other ships. Want flexibility? Marauders may be for you.

(C11H17NO3) #26

I know this is kind of off topic but I’ll say it anyways.

Marauders need to be turned into Tech 3 Battleships. I mean they are already at the price point comparatively for their level. That is when you compare the relative costs of tech 2 cruisers to tech 3 cruisers.

(Quelza) #27

So, in your mind, what does such a conversion entail?

(C11H17NO3) #28

About what specifically, why we need strategic battleships, their cost, or their bonuses?

(Quelza) #29


Tech III ships are Tech III ships because they are reverse-engineered from Sleeper tech. I think Marauders were released in 2006 or so, years before wormholes were introduced. So when you say “Make them Tech III” are you saying that their build materials and costs should change? Or are you saying that they should be redesigned in some way to “justify their costs”.

Don’t just say “they should be made Tech III”. What do you envision that to mean aside from their portrait having a different icon?

(C11H17NO3) #30

I don’t care about lore justifications.

Make marauders into t3 battleships analogs to t3 cruisers in every way at least scaling attributes and cost wise.

(Quelza) #31

Okay so you want modular battleships. This I could get behind.

I wasn’t really talking about lore justifications though. I was talking about a change of current build requirements to incorporate wormhole stuff, like the current T3s. Which would probably lead to higher costs.

(C11H17NO3) #32

Oh yea, t3 battleships would need massive build cost increases. but then again, marauders are already like 1.6 bil for the hull so Im not sure.

(JonahVark) #33

I’d recommend reading this.

(Songbird) #34

You see what siege does for dreads? Turret damage bonus - 700%
Yes , we want that for marauders.

(Lauryn Nakrene) #35

I’d say a buff of 2/3/400% damage during Bastion for Marauders, and losing the weapons timer, would be perfect. Perhaps take out the tractor beam bonus and put in a bonus to smartbombs - in all seriousness it’d help.

Granted that’s just my opinion, and would make Marauders perfect at doing what I’ve found they’re good at, extreme tank, for instance - soloing C4 and C5 sites, even up to C6 sites with some extreme bling.

The biggest thing is if I’m going to be immobile for 60 seconds, an extra damage buff like Dreadnoughts get during Siege would be a huge help.

Marauders fill a fantastic niche in that they’re very powerful mini-dreadnoughts, and while they’re expensive and don’t insure well at all, with the above buffs they’d be perfect for their near 2B pricepoint.

(Songbird) #36

And honestly - “Marauder” does not mean immobile. The module should be giving bonus to speed

(Lauryn Nakrene) #37

I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. I prefer the immobility.

It makes a good tradeoff with the insane tank.

(Eternal Montage) #38

It kind of does. Have you ever seen a Marauder go into bastion at 1kms? The sudden large increase to mass causes it to coast forward, during which the ship is immune to webs and all ewar. So it’s not a speed bonus but it’s kind of a mobility bonus.

edit: I was wrong. I was thinking of siege I guess.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #39

no I haven’t, because bastion doesn’t do anything to a ship’s mass.

(elitatwo) #40

Sure, as trade off the bastion siege cycle needs 125 strontium and pins you down for 8 minutes.

(Eternal Montage) #41

I’m thinking of siege maybe, thought bastion did it too no?