More SOE arcs

There are the L5 mission arcs which i think are not a solo thing. I’d like to see more solo mission arcs. I made a new character recently, went through the career agents and to my surprise, i was having fun. A little structure to follow.

So yeah, more Epic Arcs.

You can repeat each epic arc every 90 days.

The SOE arc is unlocked by default for all players at base standings; all other arcs require effort to get unlocked (faction standing, or standing with the corp that has the first agent in the arc). I encourage you to try them out.

While a few factions do not have an epic arc at all, I see no justification for adding additional arcs to the factions that already have epic arcs of their own - I’d much rather see the mission mechanics overhauled in general to bring them in line with current content, as they are sadly dated. I hold out hope that this will occur when the Trig invasion content hits its end stage (fingers crossed for Trigs becoming another ‘empire’ faction).

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. Among other things, we permanently unlock epic arcs for our clients and provide them guidance on how to run them.

Every epic arc is soloable and intended to run solo without blingy ships or max skill levels. The arcs are not “L5”, they just require 5.0 standing (which isn’t that high - it’s the same standing required to unlock L4 missions, and arc difficulty is comparable to L4 missions). The pirate arcs require only 3.0 standing and are substantially easier than the empire arcs and require substantially cheaper/lower skill fits and are much faster to complete.

So you have the SOE arc + four empire arcs (two which are shared with Sansha/Syndicate in terms of paths/rewards), and two pirate arcs for a total of seven soloable arcs.

If you have any more questions on how to unlock and run the arcs (advice is free) or would like us to unlock the arcs for you, head on over to the USIA Discord server and we’d be more than happy to discuss the matter further.


When you say “unlock the arcs”, are they locked somehow? Or do i just need 5.0 standing with the faction? Faction standing is a bit more difficult to get than corp standing.

5.0 with the specific corp or 5.0 with the faction. The pirate arcs are very flexible - you can qualify for those in a variety of ways.

Don’t forget the COSMOS mission chains, those need an update too.
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I didn’t forget them, it just wasn’t necessary to call out specific mission chains in the broad statement of ‘missions need an overhaul’ in the context of this discussion.

I’ve often thought the SOE arc in particular should increase in difficulty (and standing requirement) each time you run it - up to level 4.

Not sure it’s worth the development effort but it would add a bit more challenge for those of us with market characters fighting the law of diminishing returns to reduce those brokerage fees!

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