ARC Missions

Just finished SOE ARC can i find other ARC missions?what ships and fits are recommended?what dps i must have to take this missions?

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just fyi - the other epic arcs are of a much higher difficulty level and wouldn’t be for a newer character.

yes they are considered lvl 4s for the 4 empire ones, the empires have new ones that are lvl 3s starting in low sec and the pirates have one

The pirate arcs are actually L2s in terms of difficulty, despite technically being L3s. You can run the pirate arcs in a well-fit interceptor, while a T2/faction frigate or T1 destroyer just cruises through them without any issue.

The problem with pirate arcs is they take place in NPC null, baricaded by very dangerous low-sec and sov null-sec. Actually reaching the arc agents/sites and then getting back to empire alive is the real challenge in them.

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