"-Mr.Heddian-" [SoCT One-Shot]


“The Society of Conscious Thought is more than a source of education, it is an institution for enlightenment. Outsiders will fail to understand this and mistake us for another organization they can pry their child into with their wealth and influence. Only to become flustered when their child is rejected, but some urchin off in some slum is accepted with open arms… The Society does not look for the best, it looks for those best for the society.”

  • Dalmor Reeg


January 10th YC 124

FDZ4-A IX - Moon 6 - Society of Conscious Thought School - Office space for Dalmor Reeg

"So what holo-star do I need to set up a meeting with for you?’


“Name them. Any.”


“-They can be all the way in the goddamn Amarrian Empire and I bet you I can get them to meet and hang out with you for a whole day. Pretend to be your best friend and everything.”

“That won’t be necessary Mr.Heddian-”

“Come on then! Give me something! I know you don’t want money. That’s just uninspired. I can MAKE dreams happen for you, believe me. Now just tell me what it is you want and I can make it happen!”

“Mr.Heddian your offers are all very generous and I’m grateful for them… But none of these things will change the society’s ruling on your child’s application. We will not be enrolling young Toth Heddian in the society of conscious thought.”

“Okay look… I’m gonna make you the biggest offer yet…”


“… This isn’t public knowledge yet, but I’m gonna be the Director for the sequel of Lost in Warp 2-”


“-ListenListenListen! I’m the director for Lost In Warp 2 and while I CAN’T promise you the star role, I can definitely make you one of the supporting characters-”


“-Fourty-Five minutes of Screentime! I can promise you’ll get Forty-Five minutes of screentime!”

“Mr.Heddian, your offer to damage your integrity as a holo-reel director for me is flattering. Yet I must decline and remind you that it changes nothing.”

“Oh come on! What do you want me to do? You’re not even explaining to me why you’re turning my boy down. He’s a ■■■■■■■ genius!”

“Young Toth is bright, I’m not denying this Mr.Heddian… But I’m not at liberty to explain precisely why we’re turning him down. Nor do I think I could even begin to describe it in a way an outsider will understand.”

“Hey buddy, just use words. Alright? Like. This. It’s real easy, and check this out! I can understand you… So just start talking about it, I’ll understand.”

“The Society looks to accept… Particular individuals. Mr.Heddian.”





“… So kids with autism-”


“-Perfect! My kid is as autistic as they get!”


“Little bastard can’t stop trying to feel the texture of every god damn little thing in the house…”

“Mr.Heddian! - The society does not recruit on the basis of whether or not the applicant places on the autism spectrum! Placement does not grant them an opportunity, as much as it doesn’t deny them one Mr.Heddian. it is a non-factor in our selection process.”

“Then what the ■■■■ is!? The kid isn’t dumb! He’s smart enough for anyone in this station. Bet on that.”

“One’s intelligence is not some sole defining factor for us Mr.Heddian. We’d be here longer than any of us need be if I even attempt to begin to go into detail.”

“Just sounds like some cryptic jovian ■■■■■■■■ to me, friend. Whole lot of gatekeeping. And that’s fine… That’s fine. I have a knack for busting through gates.”

“Not these gates Mr.Heddian.”

“Try me! Name whatever it is you want and I’ll make it happen!”





“…< Sigh > Mr.Heddian… The Society at this point has had just about had the entire Cluster offered to it at this point. You’re not the first parent that has come here with a child of promising potential only to be rejected for reasons they do not understand. Your frustration is understandable, but nothing I’ve not dealt with already.”

“Listen I-”

“-I once had an Amarrian Holder. On his knees offering me an entire colony worth of land. With my own army of slaves to work on it. Promising me titles, a permanent place in his court… Ensuring a blissful existence for myself and any descendant I may have… And I turned him down. Without hesitation.”

“I get it, I got standards too - I aint accepting slaves from no one.”

“It wasn’t about whether or not I found the idea of owning slaves abhorrent or not. It was me not wanting to jeopardize the standards and goals of the Society for my own personal gains… These tactics may work well - Efficiently even - back in the Federation Mr.Heddian. Here however? Just wasting your breath…”

“-Do I need to get ahold of some drugs for you?-”

“-Thank youMr.Heddian. I will be calling secur-”

“-Hold on! Hold on! Please! I… I just… ■■■■ man!”


“I… I just want the best for him. Alright?”

“I know you do, Mr.Heddian.”

“I want him to have it better than I did, right? I mean… ■■■■ did i do all this for? I got connections, I got money. I can make things happen. I can MAKE dreams happen!.. Yeah, he’s autistic but I ain’t found a reason to look down on him for that.”

“Besides touching everything in the house.”

“He fidgets a lot, that’s just him. However that ain’t all he is. The kid is ■■■■■■■ brillant, he chews my ear off everyday about what new thing he’s learned about starships… You know what the ■■■■ a Quantum Microprocessor is?”

“I do.”

“I don’t! He does though! He goes on about the inner workings of what it is. I don’t understand half the ■■■■■■■ words he’s using, but god damn the kid is a ■■■■■■■ prodigy! I’m telling you! And… And he just deserves the best! He NEEDS to be with the best to make the most of his brilliance! I just… < Sigh > I just thought I could be the Dad to make anything happen for him. Be better than my old man, do more than he ever did…”

“… Mr.Heddian your passion to see the best for your son is touching. Truly it is-”

“-Lemme guess, it still doesn’t change the calling on his application?”



“… That said, I’d be more than thrilled to put you in contact with someone I know with the Center for Advanced Studies. Someone very special that I have no doubt in my mind will aid you in giving Toth every resource he needs to make the most of himself.”

“… I guess.”

“Maybe even the Federal Navy Academy. Maybe his smarts can be of benefit to the federal armed forces.”

“Yeah, those are options… Can I count on these contacts more than you?”

“You can.”




“… Alright. Alright, I’ll try with them then…. Thanks, I guess.”

“Of course Mr.Heddian. I do hope you find the best path for Toth… And I hope your next reel is a smash hit.”

“Hey, it’ll be a blockbuster!”