Why Seriatim Foucault is wrong about everything

So that guy Foucault was waving his arms around like an ancient theatre actor, chewing the scenery so the people in the cheap seats at the back can follow the action, and one point he made was that the Triglavians represented the “destiny” of humanity.

Pull the other one, it has bells on.

Why is it always the same ? Some megalomaniac claiming that humanity’s destiny is something that happens to exactly match their idea.


There is no such thing as destiny. Not in any philosophy or ideology of any major or minor power of New Eden.

For example, the Gallente Federation, the principle there is that it is the right of every citizen to be who they want to be.

Foucault’s opinion is thus antithetical to everything the Federation stands for.

Similarly for the other powers, they all have the principle that citizens make their own fate.

Even my own religious beliefs assert that my destiny is forged by my will alone.

So Seriatim Foucault can shove his destiny up his nose.


I’d say it’s about same as what Federation stands for, just mirroring it. They are all the same, they believe their own way is only right, while everyone else shall submit to their “better” ways.

Well, nobody has actual privilege to teach Caldari how to be Caldari. We have our own way, we don’t push it on others, and we will exterminate every son of a <censored> who will try to bring their ways on us. Would it be Triglavian. Would it be Federal. Or whatever else nuisance who will dare to pop its ugly head to teach us something we don’t need.

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Have you checked with the Amarr about this?

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Are you saying the Amarr religion has predestination as a thing ? That people are damned or saved at birth and they have no real choice in the matter ? That humans are mere automatons ?

I’ve not had enough wine today to explain fully why that’s wrong.

But it’s wrong.


Maybe it is time for Foucault’s idea to come. His ideology has not been expressed in any society to my knowledge. While he speaks with the permission of the Triglavian’s I suspect that is both separate and distinct from speaking for the Triglavian’s.

Contrary to the Commander’s assertion; Foucault’s has evidently not proven popular in the Federation. However animated his delivery, his message lacks the transparency that the Greater Gallentean have come to expect in generating a following.

The eager acceptance of Foucault as an authority by traitorous pod jock’s would be laughable if not so tragic.

Bottom line. He is full of it.


That’s why their elections are fair and open :roll_eyes:

Or why they decided genocide was the righteous course of action against a group that just didn’t want to be with them anymore.

The Gallente are the antithesis of freedom.


Please desist being right about things. It’s mildly disturbing.



I think that is twice now I have shared an opinion with a member of PIE. That is also disturbing.


I for one, would prefer as many of my enemies to be right about this issue as possible. The Triglavians are formidable and dangerous. We need as many people as possible to be willing to point their guns in the same direction when dealing with the Triglavians and their sympathizers.

As uncomfortable as it may be for some of us to be on the same side of a few battle reports, it’s as necessary as it was for the five empires to work together against the Sansha back when. Every system full of resources the Triglavians obtain makes them stronger and harder for us to defeat.

I’m glad most of the loyalist capsuleers of the empires are right in this instance. I’m glad when unaffiliated capsuleers are right in this case. I’m even glad when the sycophants of pirate organizations are right about the Triglavians.


I agree, he and anyone else who spouts off about destiny can shove it up their nose, but he’s not wrong about the empires.

They are corrupt, content to wallow in their own rotten static bubble. Or does that loyalty blind you from the fact that they are broadcasting their propaganda of condemnation for The Collective in one hand and extending an olive branch with the other. The only ones who still want to fight them are Valkanir and her lapdogs.


A rousing sentiment, to be sure-- but evolutionary biology may have other ideas. We do not know from what wellspring the human species first evolved, but we know enough about adaptation over time to know that species die when their evolutionary niches are filled by other, better adapted, species.

Your religious beliefs and will alone will not undo the single greatest law of the universe: adapt or die.

Subcommander Foucault predicts that the Triglavian species - which is at once human and also beyond human - will prove to be the better adapted version of humanity that inherits the future of our shared species. Only time will determine whether he is, in fact, correct-- and none of your protestations one way or the other will have any effect on the outcome.

That is the only true destiny on the horizon.


Foucault’s fervor strikes me as the kind of born-again-ness of one who wholly gives themselves into a religion or idea that they see as correct - while the Collective certainly subscribes to their ideal of proving toward the Flow as they see fit, Foucault seems somehow more spiteful toward the Empires he’s cut ties with than the Triglav have - While the triglavians themselves see it proper to find potential in procession from any source.

An interesting choice for a messenger - I could see much of Intriguerre feeling as such, though.


Evolutionary biology has no ideas about ‘destiny’. There is no directionality to evolution. There are no indications of ‘evolution is pushing anything toward X destiny’.

Nor will sucking up to invaders insulate you from the reality of that law: adapt or don’t, either way, everything dies.


I agree and would add that celebrating competing for niches as a moral system in and of itself, rather than a description of a biological process, is a good way to create a truly vicious world.


Ahhh, another precious Arrendis moment where a simple textual metaphor is put through a hyper-literal meat grinder and served up raw in lieu of actual discourse.

Who knows, but if you tried to actually think through the issues instead of just trying to score cheap points, you might have come up with an interesting counterpoint? Oh well. Nothing to do here but send this dish back to the kitchen until the chef learns how to cook.

Ooh my second favorite kind of Arrendis preciousness: nihilistic edge.

I’m already dead, capsuleer. . . just like you. I ceased to be human four interminable years ago. Now I am nothing more than an autonomous construct. And like every tool, eventually I will break.

That you thought I ever believed anything different speaks volumes about how little you truly know about me.

What are you afraid of? That if you actually tried speaking to me, you might not be able to Otherize me or my kybernauts so readily? Or perhaps you are merely one of those small-minded tyrants who derives her sense of worth over tearing down others? If that’s the case, then I wonder how to reconcile the small-minded bully with the version of Ms. Culome who— not so long ago— wrote that insightful essay on the sources of true power: not what can be lorded over others, but what can be done, altruistically, on their behalf.

There is a better version of Arrendis Culome that deserves more air time than the one that posted here, today.


Now this is a thought-provoking idea that has the ring of truth to it. There is no flame that burns as bright nor with as much heat as that of a convert’s zeal.

But let us not forget, either, the context. The Subcommander’s message was especially directed to my people, most of all. Happy Totality Day, keep up the good work, and remember why we fight. Propaganda, in other words—and I use that word not as a derogatory epithet, but in its literal sense.

Subcommander Foucault thought it very important to ensure that Kybernaut supporters of the Triglavian Collective remain loyal and highly motivated to use our considerable resources as a fighting force against any counter-force originating from the empires. Some will argue that this stance seems incongruous with the behind-the-scenes negotiations that appear to be taking place. But from my lengthy experience negotiating high-stakes deals? Let’s just say that strengthening your bargaining position is not just a common tactic, but an exceptionally wise one.


The prospect of having someone demand cladistic proving, and the decision-making process being consent-locked until the winnowing is complete, when the topic of what products are available in the staff room vending machines is brought up at the monthly faculty meeting, fills me with an amount of dread that is hard to convey.


Oh, look, more of Sahara’s nonsense where her statements are easily shown to be idiocy, so she has to suddenly claim ‘THAT’S NOT WHAT I REALLY MEANT!’

But hey, at least now you admit you’re nothing but a tool. Not the sharpest in the shed, but it’s progress.

You and the invaders you prostrate yourself to represent the worst kind of deceptive tyranny. Your ilk speak of advancement and altruism while casting things as an ‘open hand’ inviting people to choose the Triglavian way… but that mask already slipped. Foucault’s little ‘nobody gets out’ directive to Stribog when ARC was negotiating for the evacuation of baseliners who wanted to opt out exposed that lie. And you tripped all over yourselves falling into line when he called you to heel. No questioning it, no demands that the merits of such an order be proven, just quickly tucked your tails and ran behind your masters’ skirts.

Sorry, little scavenger, my sense of self-worth doesn’t have anything to do with you, or any of the other idiots who believe that ‘no longer human’ drivel.

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I admit–this made me laugh.

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Evolutionary biology also shows that extreme periods of isolation don’t boad well for any organism.