Multiboxer LF HS wardec with roams

Multiboxer here, returned a few months ago and been trying to solo it in a WH, which hasn’t panned out as planned. 35 mil sp w/4+ 20 mil sp focused alts. BLOPs/Marauder/Max Shield/Skirm booster, 4x t3cs (tengus and loki/Proteus), t2 hauler, freighter/jump freighter

I am interested in HS wardec mostly with roams/WH Evictions being a huge plus. Not interested in groups not in a constant HS wardec state, if you do it once and awhile Im not even remotely interested. I do not PvE, or have any interest in living in 0.0, low, or WH. Not even slightly interested in Pochven. Also not interested in FW.

I used to run a c4 c4/c3 wolf rayet wh corp up until 2016 when i stopped playing. Since i returned I have spent my time learning the new mechanics and skilling into the new modules.

I want HS based mostly because I have accrued an immense amount of items/ships/modules over the years and I am not about to put them into someone elses station under any circumstances. I have two super alts with nyx, but am not bringing them as I hate caps and well am going to sell both the ships and toons off eventually.

That being said, I am an experienced BLOPs, WH, FW, subcap 0.0 fc. I prefer t3cs, or nano. Currently I am staged in both Jita/Amarr and am looking to get to business ruining carebear lives and careers.

What I offer:
-Main - tengu/Loki Ham/Heavy Missile Focused (not big on guns) - also flies dictor/heavy interdictor/HACs
-This toon- Widow, Golem, Rhea, Nighthawk w/t2 shield/skirm links, Tengu
-3rd toon - T2 haulers, Tengu/Proteus
-4th toon - Tengu, max probing skills
-5th toon - Tengu, Falcon max probing and ECM skills.
-Experience at PvP going back to 06 up until 2016
-Active as I need to be, I work from home so able to answer pings at any time really

What Im Looking for:
-Not startups
-Experienced PvPrs for fleets (ie: FC that knows what they are doing)
-Positive Killboard (active)
-Post downtime and us Late night game play.
-Not associated with Imperium, or any of the big coalitions, noir I love you guys, but you are way too big and blue with too many for my taste)