Multiboxing and solo play and my final thoughts and on a personal level

I was wrong about a lot of levels I am currently using a three one set up three barges one orca although it possible to operate solo it’s not easy and it’s not safe what is safety though in new Eden final conclusions is very simple you could operate a alone to a certain degree I don’t care how many characters you have you can never fully be safe you can never be and more than maybe two places at once and that’s on a big monitor so I have learned Eve cannot be played alone like I once thought but it can be played and had lots of fun if you play it smart the broker wasn’t a very smart man and Anyone who reads Tony Gonzales knows exactly I’m talking about corporate support is definitely A+ in the bonus

Why shouldn’t there be? If anything, CCP should be trying to build more mechanics that don’t advantage he-who-has-the-most-accounts.

Or was that just an observation? If so, then duly noted.

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I’m not sure what you are exactly referring to, and while in general you are right that multiboxing is less safe than flying a single ship, it is still possible to be very safe while mining in a fleet if you are paying attention.

Step 1: Fit your barges with Higgs Rigs.
Step 2: Fit your barges with webbers (note: this may make your fleet too slow for some mining situations so is situational)
Step 3: Warp your fleet to a point just at the edge of a field you want mine. Duel (if you have the coward safety settings on in your corp) and each barge webs another in a chain.
Step 4: Start slowboating the Orca towards a station or structure on the opposite side of the field at around 75% of the max speed of your webbed and Higged barges.
Step 5: Have the barges keep range with and thus following the Orca
Step 6: Mine! Mine and mine some more. Stick the ore in the Orca.
Step 7: This is the key one! If bad people appear on grid, activate fleet warp towards the structure. Your barges will warp instantly to safety. Your Orca will take longer to catch up with them, but Orcas are so OP right now, no one can or will gank it. If they do, well, you did have advanced warning when local spiked with the massive fleet they would need to do so.

Let me draw this!

This is called mining aligned. It can be done in as big a fleet as you want, with the caveat that your attention will be split the more barges you try to multibox. The Higgs Rig and the stasis webifiers reduce your normal space velocity so that you don’t fly out of range of the rocks, but you can still keep enough speed and the direction towards an object to insta-warp whenever necessary. Pioneered in lowsec, it is essentially without counter, at least once you have the formation set up, although you probably need to find a quiet place to mine so you aren’t warping off all the time.

The alternative, of course, is to stop chasing yield and just use tanked Procurers. Nobody is going to gank that. You can AFK to your heart’s content.

Eve isn’t safe, but it really isn’t very dangerous if you are prudent or attentive, especially highsec. Greed and complacency/laziness are what lead to unexpected ship explosions! So don’t be greedy or lazy, at least without accepting the risk you take when you let yourself be those things.


The Broker was a bonehead. Heck knows what he was even trying to accomplish.

Solo play is much the same. You have to have a very good idea of why you are doing it, where, how much you are placing at risk by doing it, and how much you stand to gain.

Eventually you will run into trouble. The question is, did you run into trouble and lose 6 billion worth of ships while doing something that earns you maybe a hundred million? Then you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re solo playing with 3-4 ships and you are paying those ships off every 10 hours or so and playing smart so you only lose the bunch after 30-40 hours or more of play… then you’re making lots of ISK.

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INTERPUNCTION!!! Ever heared of it? God damn!

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You didn’t finish it!

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We’ve pioneered this in lowsec?
Hey, where’s the credit? : D

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I use to have a few accounts setup for mining

Lost my moon mining station due to some swine’s extortion fees that were rejected.

Since then after making a few changes that went from a just a few to now a lot more (17 active Omega characters)

Working my fleet up to be massive one day.

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Nope. Makes it fun here.

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