Multiboxing FPS optimization problem

What was my computer doing before recent windows patch:
-Would give 60 fps to my main client I was focusing on (means I switched to a client and my computer would give that client 60 fps)
-Lower fps on all my other clients at around 20-40 fps so that my cpu can chill at around 30-50% and same for the RAM even tho I have multiple client open. (I think Windows 10 Game Mode is supposed to do that)

What it is doing now:
-Try to give 50-60 fps on all my clients at the same time
-Make my CPU go at 99% and 70% for my RAM on the best days
-When I close all windows with Window Key + D, my CPU lower at 33% and RAM at 40-50 % like it was doing before.

Anybody know how to make that Game mode or program inside Windows 10 to work again so I keep my hardware unstressed? Tried to find forums related to it and can’t find anything so I’m asking here.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: problem solved sorry for making a thread.

In order to access Game mode you need to press the window key + G. It was not working for me in that case. I went into the settings under games where there is the game mode tab. There is not a button for activating Game mode or not, you have to go through the command key I mentioned above. It seems the reason why my command key was not responding is that the option to activate screenshots, recorded sequences and streaming (under the tab Game Bar) needed to be activated in order to enable the command key for me to activate Game mode through the window that appear after pressing the window key + G command. This is a very clunky explanation but only after I activated this option I could actually use that command key for Game mode and enable it.

Would be nice if you could post the solution here. Someone else may encounter this issue in the future and come to this thread for answers. I for one am curious how you resolved the issue.

sorry still need to learn forums etiquette. explanation edited in thread.

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