Multiple missions timer does not reset

I have recently noticed that the mission-timers, when running a series of 'em, do not get ‘reset’.
In my past experience it used to be that when I would get a mission-series (i.e a “1 of x”, f.e. “Athrian Exigency (sp?) 1 of 5”) the timer would reset to a week to complete after each ‘installment’ of the series. (meaning each part would have a week to be accepted and done with)

Now I find the timer gets ‘stuck’ in the time given when the first of the series was given.

I already had this issue with an Event mission-series, which was quickly fixed by a GM, but it seems it’s standard now, and I now have it with a lvl 3 storyline-mission, which consists of 10 (!) separate and consecutive parts.
I suppose something is broken, as you cannot realistically expect me to complete 10 missions in just a week or else forfeit the final reward.

Anyone else having this?

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It’s been a while and CCP may have changed it but as I remember the large multi-part missions use to have an extended timer for completing the first mission, something like 30 days.

Probably best if you do the same thing as before, submit a support ticket about it.

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