Timers for missions, and industry jobs

Would like to see a player/game set timers placed at the top of the screen, with countdown visible until finished, or canceled. The first would be a game started timer when doing missions, letting you know how much longer your mission has. I find it a hassle to keep bringing up the mission detail to see how much time I have left. Due to set backs like a ship improperly modded and lost, and the time you need to re ship and re modded, automatically gives you an ideal on how much more time you need to get ready to finish the mission. Or wuss out, and quit the mission.
A player set timer, for industry. While starting researching a new blueprint, starts at just minutes long, lets you do something else like mine a belt while the job is completed, then you can bring up the industry, and further the research on the blueprint your working on.
I use a timer set by my computer for these tasks, but thought, maybe the game could provide timers for missions and industry.

IIRC, you have a week to finish the mission. The timer that you see is for bonus reward.

Put this in the “little things” thread from CCP Karkur. Whenever she has time to do things like this, she probably will.

that would make sense for short-time missions. You have 5min to make 10j !! LOL !

Sorry, the timer would be for the time needed to finish the mission. I’m always taking off and completely forgetting I have a mission to complete, running my main characters and the alts that I have.

You already have a reminders for active missions - they appear below system information and route as soon as you accept mission.

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