Industrial slots/Jump timers on the character login page

I think this would be a rather easy QOL improvement, but I know very little about graphic design/coding so could be wrong. As the title suggests I’d love to see my industry slots and jump fatigue timers on the character page, below I’ve included an example I drew up on the elite program known as MS paint. This would make mass industry a bit easier to keep track of without using out of game tools. It doesn’t need to include the time for industrial jobs, just an easy slot overview at a glance. I’ve used the in-game colors to represent the slots. Manufacturing on the left, science in the middle, reactions on the right.
The jump timer is at the bottom near the location with the current layout of: Hours, minutes, seconds. The orange fatigue timer is hours, minutes, seconds as well. Both color coded as they are seen in-game.


Rather than the login page, which can far too easily become cluttered with all of the potential ‘this would be useful for my play style but maybe not this other play style, they want to see Y instead’ stuff, having this data available in EVE Portal would be handy. Bonus points for a configurable summary interface that players can organize on a per-character basis for the data elements relevant to how they use a given character - such as industrialists having job status showing, traders having order slots showing, etc.


but then people might use it rather than just about any other 3rd party app that does have all these things. CCP can’t have that.


To be honest I don’t know of any 3rd party tools that allows you to check the status of your indy jobs, ie how many are completed and how long the others have to go. I have looked at Third-party tools - EVE University Wiki but nothing seem relevant.

Would love it a lot more information was given in the Eve Portal app, indy jobs, current market orders, personal assets etc.

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