Show Available Industry/Science Slots on Character Selection Screen

I imagine this would be quite a nice feature for many who don’t rely on 3rd party Tools.

It’s simple:

  1. Load Character Selection sheet.
  2. See which chars have slots remaining.
  3. Pick characters with free slots
  4. Close Account window
  5. Repeat steps

Edit: Character Selection screen is what I mean’t. Apologies for the confusion.

This is an unnecessary feature and would burn hundreds of dollars toward development/QA (mostly the latter)

  • Click your character to log in - you can access your science/industry windows from anywhere, even when in space. You’re basically a few clicks away from these things, so it’s not exactly that inconvenient
  • The character interface would get unnecessarily bulky when its core features should be to select and delete a character (and open gift/redeem windows)
  • Nobody is going to leave the game based on the absence of such a feature… and even if someone did, that person is worth less than the hundreds of dollars worth of manpower wasted toward development that could have been spent toward more meaningful features to actually improve the game.

I have a better recommendation for you: use 3rd party tools. I know you said you don’t rely on them, but that’s what they’re there for. CCP created an API for 3rd party developers for a reason. CCP has no intention of doing what 3rd party developers can do better.

I’m confused. Is this not the Player Features and Ideas section?

Do you speak on behalf of CCP?

I get your claims but the reasons just don’t add up to me.

Providing SP, Isk and Mail is simple but not industry science slots? Maybe its waay more advanced than I believe but I imagine its simply ESI information provided on screen. Why would industry slots be any different?

Also the whole idea of having the slots available at the loading screen is so you can see all 3 characters at once instead of logging each one in.

Could be something as simple as red 0 / blue 0 / green 0

Could be put right under the Mail Logo OR right next to the char name maybe? Plenty of room!

Red number = prod
blue number = science
Green number = reactions

There is enough space to add it

The phrasing of your original post depicted something else in my mind. Your clarifications are more reasonable. I still have reservations of a different variety, but not to the extent that I would be disgruntled if CCP implemented it (unlikely).

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While easy, your argument bases it’s ‘need’ on the idea that you have so many alts doing science/industry that it’s not realistic to log them in.
Given CCP’s trend away from AFK alt accounts with things such as boosters towards more active gameplay from all accounts involved in an activity, I can’t see that supporting AFK gameplay in this way is desirable for the game.


Yeah, let’s go ahead and throw PI alerts in there as well so we never have to log in to check on things…

Changing the launcher is complicated.

I have recommended more industry info in the mobile app to let players see into the game without logging in or using 3rd party apps.

I could be mistaken, but I believe OP was referring to the character selection screen - so you would log into the account but not select a character (ie. quit afterward)

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EVEMon will tell you everything you requested - it will even notify you when industry jobs complete. Let the developers focus on stuff the 3rd party tools can’t do.

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This is a bad way of thinking, as it means people get advantage based on 3rd party software. Which in some cases is not available to everyone, ok in this case it is.
If functionality is important it should be available to everyone.

Actually it is a good way of thinking : make the people build what they need. Because for a game as complex as Eve, providing official tools that fit all the needs would require too much dev time. So making devs stick to the core and players create their own tailored software is the most efficient way to work.

Fair enough I believe the title is a little mis-leading. Apologies for this.

I get what you mean but as long as those accounts are getting subbed why should it matter to CCP? This is nothing more than a simple change to help with organization. There are MANY players that don’t use 3rd party tools. Would be nice to have your slots made available from Character Selection screen. (Not Login Screen)

I mean’t Character selection Screen. Not Launcher.

Because AFK gameplay doesn’t actually add to the games ecosystem. It adds to production but not destruction which actually harms gameplay, as it furthers the issue of loss being meaningless.
Note, I’m not saying use 3rd party tools here, I’m more saying that the fact 3rd party tools can manage this is an issue itself, and the way industry works in a logged off manner is also an issue. I don’t know how you would reasonably solve industry being a logged off activity without turning it into a “log in & go afk activity”, but it’s not ideal.

If CCP had infinite resources, I would agree but they don’t - this is not a criticism but a fact of life. Until the jobs that no one but CCP Devs can do are done, that’s what I believe they should focus on.

3rd party tools are incredibly important to Eve but they are a labor of love - the authors are under no obligation to continue supporting them. EVEMon was abandoned for a while until @Peter_Han came to its rescue. It’s hard to imagine Eve without Dotlan or Pyfa but it could happen and CCP would struggle to replace that functionality but, somehow we’d adapt and muddle through.

Part of the problem with this is that, sometimes even more important than knowing how many slots you have free, is knowing which of the slots were freed up from completed jobs if you’re chaining jobs like crazy. Tools like jEVEAssets are a hardcore industrialists/traders dreams. (Speaking of trading, # trade slots could be tossed in if such a thing were to be implemented, but again - CCP’s limited manpower should go toward improving the game itself and leave 3rd party devs to handle these things that they can do better than CCP anyway, like pyfa vs fitting simulator)

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