EVE Launcher does NOT show the character's location

Horrible new launcher.

  • NO character location
  • NO wallet

Please fix this ASAP


+1 These could be added.

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I miss it too.

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But let’s be real, there is not much of a chance CCP will actually bother re-implementing those features. Such is the way of (reverse) progress around these parts, the game loses useful features over time. :eyes:


They are already implemented in the new launcher. But since this question has been asked one hundred times already, i will not repeat how to reenable and use the old character selection screen. Good luck to you! It is not rocket science!

Try training that reading comprehension to at least L1 or something and try reading OP again. As it is easy to understand I will not spell it out for you as it is not rocket science. :wink:

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OP is missing:
NO character location
NO wallet

And you get it if you launch over the character selction screen, don’t you?


He talking about launcher not client.


Was wondering if he could figure it out on his own. As a common courtesy I’ve refrained from telling him so he can get to it himself without feeling silly about himself. Well he clearly couldn’t despite it is not rocket science. Oh well I did what I could to help and be polite but it clearly didn’t make a difference in the end. :thinking:

Well i had put the requests into context. The OP did also state “Horrible new launcher.” - and in this regard of character selection screen the new launcher can be made to behave exactly like the old launcher.

But i might be wrong ofc. Would be nice if @Maximus_Quintilius would tell what he actually wants and why the character selection screen is not sufficient or why he is not using it and wants the info elsewhere or not.

As I understood what he meant is before this launcher you had to sign in to the character screen no matter what so you faced that screen anyway, but now you can sign in straight into the character of your choice. Which is great.

However if you actually use this new function then you miss out on seeing your characters’ basic stats and have to sign off back to the character selection screen (or not use the new feature at all and only sign in to it not your character), both of which negate the usefulness of the new feature provided.

So the solution would be to show that data in the launcher instead.

And as this is a new launcher that they build anyway it should be the perfect opportunity to empower with such new features.

Reading the other responses in the thread I think it is how everyone interpreted what OP wrote.


Yes. Like someone stated before, it’s not rocket science.

The laucher itself shows no present location, sp and wallet ammout of a character before logging in, the opposite of the older launcher.

Now what do you mean by “opposite of the older launcher”, when you can make the new launcher behave like the old launcher to directly launch to the old character selection screen? You want the new launcher to behave like the old launcher?
You are telling that the old launcher has shown it outside of the character selection screen, which is not true.

The old launcher also didn’t show it in the launcher, but in the character selection screen after the launch, which is exactly what you can make the new launcher to do if you activate the option.

So i guess you have not found the character selection screen in the new launcher yet.

It’s just stupid to have a new launcher with a secondary character frame that shows name and security status .

Why not location, wallet and other information ?

Of course yes. It’s just stating that the new laucher coud have this .