New Launcher - No display of Location / Shiphull - Direct Login without knowing if your citadel is still there

Big Question and maybe an Issue:

If you choose your last toon and login and let us say, you where afk a bit and that toon is sitting in something shiny… and your structure isnt there anymore, you get yeeted into space without knowing it.
You might end up in space, stranded or even on zkill.
This cant be right.
You need a screen beforehand where your character is (system - station / undocked) and in what hull he sists.
And (!) confirm that login process.

This needs to be adressed asap before the new launcher gets mandatory.

You can set the launcher to launch into the character overview first. There you can see, as before, where the character is located.

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Is this on per default or does it need to be opt in?

I think it is the default setting. But if you start a character directly from the launcher overview, it will be ignored.

So you should use the “play now” button to start the account.


I hope that those returning players wont nuke their toys about something like that.

Thank you @ISD_Traindriver for your fast answers.

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