Returning player experience (New Launcher)

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I’ve been helping a lot of new players as well as old players returning to New Eden and one of the issues I’ve been hearing is about the new launcher. When returning players Log in for the first time after a long break the expect to see the character selection screen. Instead they get thrown into space with the character that they had selected in the launcher. If the station/citadel they were docked in no longer exist they are now floating in space.
We all have seen some juicy killmails come by from people rejoining the game, want to launch the game and get yeeted into space with their super/titan and the POS/Station/Citadel no longer there and a few seconds later getting tackled while you are trying to figure out what the hell happened.
So my suggestion is that instead of having the “Launch to character select by default” unselected, to have it enabled from reinstalling the game/launcher.

This will help the returning players to get used to the new stuff before anything bad happens and they quit 5 minutes later. Cause it is not clear if you are launching to the character selection screen or with your character unless you are aware of it. And returnees are not aware of it and think it is the old way.

Make the default launch option the “Character selection screen” instead of launching the character directly.

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