Character location in launcher

It would be great to be able to see the characters location in the launcher window when window when you click on their name. I am pretty sure it was in the launcher. There is ample space below alliance, corp and sec status.
Could even add some other useful info like what is currently being trained, you got mail you have a contract assigned… lots of useful things can be added to improve the experience.


I just log in to the character select screen to see that info at a glance. I rather have to log in than have that info just hanging out on the launcher.

If you have 10 plus accounts and 3 characters on those its really not the best way to see where they are having to go to each of the character select screens.

If you can’t keep track of that many alts…that’s on you honestly.


Install EvEMon. It can do all this and more.

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I 100% agree on not adding to the launcher.

However, all of what he wants is available in programs like EvEMon, so we should direct him there if we want to be constructive.

Why would I use a 3rd party tool when the info was in the old launcher ? Thats like sayinf why did CCP bother putting the fitting simulation when you can just use phyfa?