Training Indicator

With the new launcher, I can’t seem to find any indicator for my characters on my accounts of training status. I used to be able to launch eve to where it showed my 3 characters on the account and have an indicator of training status there, but I guess the new launcher bypasses this ?

Is this something removed from the features, or am I missing something?


I believe this is what you are overlooking.

Look to the top right of the launcher for “Account Settings”, it appears under “Tranquility”, click there.

A new interface will open in place of the current “Winter Nexus” pic. Options presented are: “Select Client Profile”, “Manage Launch Groups”, etc., choose this option “Launch Settings”.

“Launch Settings” will open another interface, you want to choose the “Default” option.

From what you describe, this is the set-up you want.


I should note, that I had “quick launch” enabled in the overall settings (top right), and that was completely disabling any ability to launch into the character select screen, EVEN IF you have “Launch to character Select” set to Yes for that account’s settings. There’s a note about this on there, but it’s easy to miss.

There’s Also a “Launch to character select by default” checkbox in the launcher main settings (top right), so it will do this by default, so you don’t have to change it for every account you own.

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