No Timer IF You Disconnect!

So I encountered this nasty bit while running a site originally in an ishtar that cost me over 4 bill. This time happened to be in a lower class site and in a final room instead of the beginning of the room and did not have to die. Since no GM that i’ve spoken with can come up with if this is a bug or intended feature, I am bringing it here since my communications with CCP have been completely fruitless. How am I supposed to know how much time I lost before time-out? How close I am to having to finish the site vs. if I can pilot far away from the gate so that I don’t put myself in danger of loosing ship. Suicide drones to finish to just make sure I get out. So here you go folks. If you have a disconnect and cannot see your timer and die as a result to a time out on the site, you will not get help from CCP. At least not from a GM. While I am unable to share the full length of the communication there was heavy inference that I was unable to finish the site because of the way I flew the site, instead of trying to manage time based on time left in site. It makes a huge difference to me on the way I run a site based on how much time I have left. Double in an experimental fit. Please share with friends to save a loss mail.

surely its a bug that needs attention. sudden deaths are something we want avoid

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