Multiple P3 Production

This is probably a comically bad idea, but something I wanted to give a punt.

So I’ve just been unloading P1 stuff to the corp and… I guess they figure out how to use it. It made me wonder, if I was only going for one type of planet and just making P1 stuff if the ice planet is the best.

But I liked the concept of “resource refining” in video games. That is, taking something the game doesn’t generate, and then turn it into something useful. And I saw a chart that looked pretty cool

So I was wondering, if there a way to produce Gel-Matrix Biopaste, Synthetic Synapses, and Ukomi Super Conductor in one toon? Obviously, you can’t do this with one planet, some of the basic resources are lacking and you need multiple types of P1 stuff to make the P2 and P3 stuff.

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Exactly, with two or three different planets, you can make all P1 you need, but keep some CPU and Power for a P2/P3 PI-processing unit on one of the planets.

I know this isn’t what you mean but I make P4 from P1 on all 6 planets, I import the P1 I get from the market, extract nothing and make the p4

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Two things to consider:

  1. The tax-rate of the POCO. You have to pay everytime you import and export stuff, depending on the tier of matierials. If you have to export from your P1 planet, import it to your production planet and then export it again and pay taxes every time, that alone might ruin all profits. So check the math carefully an don’t forget that if you want to sell the final product, you also have to pay sales tax before you see ISK.

  2. The base resources of the planets you have access to. If you have a planet that offers 98% density of a raw material which you don’t need but only 47% density on some which you desperately need for your chain upwards to P4, you might end up losing money because just making P1 out of the 98% raw mats would have generated more value than further refining the P1 you got from the 47% density raw material.

This is a concern, although really it’s more like leaving money on the table by not getting the 98% stuff and then just exporting the P1 than losing money in this situation.

With 2 Toons you can basically make all P4 simultaenausly, three toons or more is more efficient.

Some P3 items are critical components for Implants, and hence it is not always needed to make P4 to be highly profitable.

Yeah I’m trying to make P3s.

If making this all in High Security space it does get costly from tax. There is honestly two ways to look at this, first you are making PI from nothing, so unless you end up paying 100% tax in the process you are always making money. Sometimes in game you do things for enjoyment not for max isk. Second you want max isk, in which case it will be hard to beat max P1 pulls you can do, and selling it to the market for someone else to buy and use. It is all about your game and story and how you want it to be. If I was in your shoes I would use 5 planets to pull as many of the P1 as you need. Use 1 planet to take everything from P1 to P3 on the planet. This will reduce your on and off planet taxes. If your P3 out put is low, you could launch from the planet and avoid the POCO tax, but still pay Empire tax which you can reduce with skills. Launch from the planet is a reduced m3 per launch, but maybe something you want to look at.

Good Luck

Poseidon Kronus

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