Multiple P3 Production

This is probably a comically bad idea, but something I wanted to give a punt.

So I’ve just been unloading P1 stuff to the corp and… I guess they figure out how to use it. It made me wonder, if I was only going for one type of planet and just making P1 stuff if the ice planet is the best.

But I liked the concept of “resource refining” in video games. That is, taking something the game doesn’t generate, and then turn it into something useful. And I saw a chart that looked pretty cool

So I was wondering, if there a way to produce Gel-Matrix Biopaste, Synthetic Synapses, and Ukomi Super Conductor in one toon? Obviously, you can’t do this with one planet, some of the basic resources are lacking and you need multiple types of P1 stuff to make the P2 and P3 stuff.

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Exactly, with two or three different planets, you can make all P1 you need, but keep some CPU and Power for a P2/P3 PI-processing unit on one of the planets.