Single Planet Polyaramids, silicate glass, microfiber shielding comparable setup

Long post for all you fellow P.I. nerds out there; you know there are a few T2 commodities that you “cannot” Achieve on a single planet.

I’m here to show you a setup where you can achieve the same results, with an easy-to-use setup that is about as lazy as you can get! (no more wasted planets on elaborate manufacturing setups) Granted this post may be long and seem confusing, but it is far more lazy/easy to do than any other setup once you under stand it. You can produce the same amount of Microfiber Shielding, Polyaramids and Silicate Glass as any other single-planet p2 with no WASTED dedicated manufacturing planets!

NOTE likely for advanced P.I. nerds… if you’re just dabbling don’t let your brain hurt… I came up with it and i’m no better so just keep working on your basic systems until you get the hang of P.I.

Specifically for Broadcast Nodes and Self-Harmonizing Power Cores (P4) commodities. Because both of those P4’s require the same trio of difficult p2 commodities. If you know P.I. you know the only thing stopping u from tapping into this market was these 3 separate p2’s that were more complicated to make until now.

Personally I had a 72 planet setup (4 acc 3 characters each) with only 2 manufacturing planets… only FOUR!! (one character handled the 4 manufacturing planets + 2 additional p2 single-planets)

Laziness was the goal… so I spent days worth of hours theorycrafting and coming up with this system (counter-intuitive, right?) And i think the end result is worth sharing, so you don’t have to spend so many hours perfecting a solid p4 assembly line. I’ve used it to successfully maximize ISK profits and laziness for a year now, and its time to share the setup.

Note: you will have to do your own research on your area, the planets, the activity etc… But i achieved a 72 planet setup manufacturing 4x p4 (2 each of the aforementioned) between only 2 systems… and i am not a NULL SEC alliance player. So this was all in NPC null space, granted i was further in to avoid the aids camps 1-3 jumps into any NPC null area. JF’s are recommended because don’t be a poor.

What i am going to post/show is ONLY the setup for the HYBRID planets (achieving single planet p2 results for the above listed p2’s that cannot be gathered on a single planet) all the other planning/ single planet-p2’s you can figure out yourself! That’s half the fun, amirite? :smiley:

How it works: Example P2 will be Microfiber Shielding
Each planet will have a “sister” planet and they work in pairs.
4 basic factories producing the required P1.
2 advanced factories producing the p2.
2 launchpads to collect the separate p1 and p2.
3 storage silos. 1 for IMPORTED p1, and 2 for what the extractor brings in (you can get a lot so i set routes to all basic factories from both and expedite it over as it fills if need be… not always necessary)
1 extractor with 9-10 heads.
Planets work in pairs:
Microfiber Shielding - 1 Lava and 1 Temperate
Silicate Glass - 1 Lava and 1 Gas
Polyaramids - 1 Gas and 1 Temperate
note: you can try to play with this but this is optimal and no other way works/fits as well.
also **MAX skills in Command Center Upgrades Required.

you have 13 days between any logistical needs (having to actually go out in space and pickup/move stuff) So its pretty lazy.

Below: An image of the HYBRID setup:

2 launchpads. 1 for p1 collection, second for p2 collection (hybrid planets both produce p1 and p2)

4 p1 factories. 2 will route to a LAUNCHPAD for EXPORT. the other 2 will route to the respective 2 advanced factories for on-planet production.

The 2 Advanced Factories will produce the P2 and receive half of their required p1 from 2 basic’s on the same planet, and the other required p1 from the IMPORT Silo (received during logistics exchanges/pickups)

In the image the 4 factories in middle are the basic. 2 on the south are the advanced. the Silo on the left with stuff in it is the (IMPORT) silo, which receives its p1 when you drop it in the launchpad and expedite transfer from its sister planet. It routes to the 2 advanced factories.
Feel free to arrange it however you want… all my planets look different for fun lol… just don’t F up your routing…

Below is a zoomed out image of same with planets on right shown:

To the right you will see the planets. Sister planets are the 2 planets with the required p1 to make the appropriate p2. In our chosen example its Microfiber Shielding So for this character that is literally just planet 1 and planet 3. That’s right! - These 2 planets are producing as much Microfiber Shielding as you would get from having 2 separate single-planet p2 setups for any common p2. No additional manufacturing planet required! For the Hardheads that can’t math there are 2 Advanced Factories on each planet… a normal single-planet P2 has 2 advanced factories. It’s done and done!

As i said I was running 72 planets (12 characters) and only 4 of them were doing the hybrid sister planet setups. All using the same exact planets. So this is an image all my hybrid characters shared. And ALL of them produced ALL 3 of the p2 that can’t be produced on a single planet. Planets 2 and 4 were Silicate Glass and planets 5 and 6 were Polyaramids.

pickup goes as follows:

PIckup BOTH launchpads at planet 1. You will get p1 and p2 (finished p2 Microfiber and p1 Silicon) You will then warp to its SISTER PLANET (planet 3 in my images case from top to bottom)

Once you land you will PICKUP both p1/p2 from the second planets launchpads and drop off Silicon into any launchpad, and expedite transfer it to the 1 silo you have routing to the advanced factories.

Then you will warp back to planet 1 and drop off the Industrial Fibers you just picked up and expedite transfer them to the import silo that routes to planet 1’s Advanced Factories.

DONE! those 2 planets will then be producing Microfiber Shielding at the SAME RATE as any other 2 planets producing single-planet p2… To save time i won’t explain the math in-depth, but if you’re a true P.I. nerd you can do the math yourself and figure out everything i’m saying adds up.


I had 2 p4 planets. One producing Broadcast Nodes, and an identical planet producing Self-Harmonizing Power Cores.

To the left and right are the High-Tech Factories producing the p4, routing to any Launchpad.

the 2 Silo’s on the bottom i used for overflow ( laziness, remember? I would log in and expedite finished p4 to fill into them to save on having to actually go out and pickup as much. When you pickup you can just expedite those silo’s over to LP and pickup more!)

This planet i routed every LP/silo to every factory … just drop whatever in wherever, expedite transfer to silo’s til they are full, then drop more of whatever was required to fill LP’s. Still 6,000 of each commodity (6 total, and 6,000 actual NOT 6,000 m3) will fit.

2 additional top silo’s were for more… I could do the standard 6k each, then after a couple hours when the cooldown resets i could transfer more from the launchpads into the additional silo’s and drop even more off to extend my pickup time to as much as 5-6 days. As you can see i’m not doing a triple High-Tech setup so there was extra pwr/cpu to spare… why not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes you can get 3 high-techs on a planet with a similar setup… But i only had a 72 planet setup and i was producing 2 different types of p4 at a rate of 2/hr. So this made the most sense in my case. You got more or less planets?.. You DO you. :slight_smile:

-------------------------- IN CONCLUSION -----------------------------------------

P.I. is wild in this game… I havn’t seen this yet, and it took me awhile to Theorycraft. But it works out just the same with these hybrid planets as it does having single-planet p2… Same amount for the same amount of planets… no wasted time/energy on additional manufacturing planets and p1 planets with strick pick-up times.

(Nullsec only) (at least 4 in indy ship skill per hybrid toon)

•5 day resets on extractors for single-planet p2’s. (you will want minimum 12,000/hr)
•3 day resets on hybrid planets (MINIMUM 24,000/hr) (i just reset ALL planets at 3 days)
•2-3 days drop-off/pick-up on P3 manufacturing
•3-4 days drop-off/pick-up on p4 manufacturing (more if you added additional buffer silos to expedite)

•13 days after a drop off before feeder silo’s on sister planets get near depletion.
•24 days until p2 planets need pickup.

Only do your hybrid characters every 13 days
Do a FULL logistics pickup every 24 days / JF out / profit.

My entire 72 planets was between 2 systems adjacent to each other. I blotted them out for a reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Found my spot within 10 minutes of searching DOTLAN tho so don’t think its too hard to find a good area to setup

Find out how much you need based on characters/ planets. Scout out an area that has those planets as close together as possible. Assess the danger/logistical difficulty for JF or whatever. Ensure your manufacturing planets can keep up with what you’re bringing in… go ham.

This was for the hybrid planet design itself. Not the blueprint for my specific setup… So that’s all you. Hope this helps someone have as much fun / passive income as this has given me!



Hero post! Thanks for posting such a detailed PI setup!

I do something similar. I have 3 planets like you’ve said above. Each planet extracts and imports (half the extracted is used to make Tier 2 and half exported to it’s sister planet. I use one extractor head, one storage, two launchpads, six basic factory and three advanced factory. Every couple of weeks pickup Tier 2 and Tier 1 and send the Tier 1 to the next planet.
The hardest part is getting them balanced.

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