PI - T1 vs T2 for ISK

I have two planets now making T1 components (electrolytes, oxygen)
I am about to start third planet and I am not sure if it is worth it to make it produce T2 (Synthetic Oil ) or just make some third T1 and sell them all.
Asking strictly from ISK perspective.

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It’s really so hard to use google or calculator? http://eve-pi.com/#/

It depends.
Sorry. An Eve answer there.

Some of the P2 items that are used directly in manufacturing, such as Construction Blocks, Superconductors, rocket fuel are going to be quite good. I make such things for my own use - and my needs exceed my capacity.

You need to spend a short while getting your mind around the tool, but https://www.adam4eve.eu/pi_chain.php is useful

For perspective I can make a profit buying P1 materials importing them and exporting the resultant P3 Robotics.

P1 has much larger volume and will require more hauling and effort, keep that in mind!

The ISK will depend on your location and if you can find buyers. You will have to do the calculations yourself based on your situation to see if p1 or p2 is worth it for you.

I personally can’t really get rid of p1 or p2 where I live for any reasonable price so I tend to only produce what I need myself or sell the p3, which is easier to move and thus easier to sell.

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