Multiple Routs for Grand Prix

Is there any more in having multile routs for the grand prix if you’re only rewarded the route they tell you to take? To get the event rewards, I had to go to Villore, no “here are 3 choices, pick one”

there are multiple routes, you just need to finish route 1 before it gives you route 2, then same for route 3

Inside the routes if you are going to do the timed laps you still need to go to the waypoints but you can use any method to get to the waypoints, for example the 1st route is about 87 jumps in total using shortest route on the autopilot stuff, I think I can do it in under 50

And once you finish all 3 routes you can do a 2nd round for timed trails to be ranked best on server

You specifically linked my post as you’ve copied the entire link from your address bar. The last part /9 is the post number, if you remove it the thread itself will be linked instead of that individual post as I assume that is what you wanted to do.

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Don’t you just love efficiency :smiley: Imagine it was a null sec op, it would have taken hours lol.

thanks man.

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