Multiple Training Offer

CCP sent out an email today offering 50% off for a three month sub + three months training on a second character.

Does this stack on accounts with an existing Omega sub and/or existing multiple training time? So that three months is added to the Omega account and three months to the chosen 2nd character in addition to all currently paid-up time?

Yes, it stacks.

If the character already has an Omega sub running, the extra omega time is added on top of it like it would for any additional Omega time you buy.

Same for the multiple training time. If your second (and/or third) character are already training you can add this training time on top of their training queue.

Just beware: I don’t think the offer includes the multiple training certificates, (the items which could be traded or activated later), but directly applies the extra training time on one of your training queues. Shouldn’t make a difference for players who are interested in training their secondary or tertiary character though.

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Thanks Gerard!

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