Muninn or Vagabond for L5 Abyssals?

Ive been using a cynabal to run l3s but I dont think it can go past that. Im all minmatar projectile skilled so it has to be one of those. Is that feasible?

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I guess no. With sacrilege and around 900 “racial” dps it is difficult sometimes. Sometimes I jumped out 30 seconds before collapse. I doubd you can have similar “racial” dps with vagabond. Also neuts are a big question, cap isn’t perfect on Vaga.


Vagabond with its superior tracking/shield boost bonus.
I use a T2 fit in T5s. With low grade Halos and some +3damage/tracking implants now.
The only faction parts on my ship is the republic fleet battery and the ammo.
Immune to neuts in electricals and has a tiny sig radius.


Better start training for a gila

Mind sharing your vaga fit or is it troll? :smiley:

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