Murderous Mindset is recruiting all corps

We are a Lowsec/Hisec alliance.
What we offer
-Ore buyback
-Srp and some fleet ship handouts
-Constant fleets
-Mining boosts when in the mining fleet
-Small gang pvp content.
-unwardeccable at the time being
what we require
-Activity in your corp
-Discord Join our discord and type Alliance if you are a corp interested in joining the alliance

Still recruiting corps join the discord for more info. we do have hisec bases and are unwarddecable for the time being

alliance is still recruiting. Join the discord and say Alliance so we know what you are there for :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! join the discord for a chat

Still recruiting pvp and pve corps! come join us today we also offer mining boosts!

Still recruiting! Come talk to us today!

Still recruiting. just join the discord for more info

Still recruiting! Come chat with us

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