Mutual War Decs : Auto accept button?

as shown in this thread:

My corp is accepting all mutual war decs, and will be sticking to this behaviour, forever.

My suggested new eve online feature is this :

I would like an ‘auto-accept’ button in the corp management , wars, section.

I have shown here what I’m talking about, at the new button/feature i’d like to see added to EVE.

It’s basically the opposite of the ‘auto-decline’ button.

That idea is specifically all i’m talking about here.

Thank you for reading this and paying attention.

<3 EvE


I think over 100 members war decs should be free.

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Lol all this would do is fill the game with a bunch of 99 member sub corps. But i wouldn’t be against it.

100 members? how would they not be prepared for war?

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