Mutual War Decs

If i’m not mistaken mutual war decs don’t cost any money since both sides agree right?
I believe Red vs Blue have permanent war decs against eachother, even though one individual owns both corps, am i right?

One thing i’m wondering : has anyone made a corp where mutual war-decs are allowed?

I’m thinking of starting one where any war-dec will always be accepted mutually, and then loudly advertising this in the corp description.


There is currently no mechanic that accepts all war decks as mutual. You have to manually offer a war to be mutual with each individual corp. Not to my knowledge.

Thank you. So, it would require admin-work on my part if i was a CEO of such a corp.

I don’t think i’d mind that to be honest.
It would certainty result in corp that regularly gets pvp content if a bunch of big alliances and corps accepted perpetual mutual war-decs.

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I was just wondering, does anyone know if there is a hard-cap-limit to how many mutual war-decs a corp can be in?

It would be so awesome if there was no upper limit.

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