My First Encounter with "Industry Interruption"

I’ve been playing for a couple weeks, and until yesterday I was starting to think that all the warnings about Low-Sec were overblown paranoia.

I had set up some decent Low-Sec planets for PI and waited a few days while filling up their launchpads with materials. The system doesn’t see a lot of traffic, so I waited until Local was empty and undocked to go pick up the goods.

I spent a minute - maybe two - mucking around trying to figure out how to launch some (but not all) of the Aqueous Liquids. I eventually gave up and launched everything. As soon as I took the materials out of the Customs Office, my ship started taking fire. My first PVP encounter!

Anticipating this, I had equipped my ship with warp core stabilizers. I wasted a second or two trying to put the materials back into the Customs Office and then warped away to my station. I thought I was safe. I starting docking, but came under fire again! The docking process seemed to take forever. My ship went up in flames. I appeared in a pod, attempted to dock, and then lost my first clone.

So I have questions!

  1. Is there a way to launch only a portion of the materials from a launch pad to a Customs Office? For example, can you launch 60,000 out of 100,000 Aqueous Liquids?
  2. How did Ken Ozura, “Industry Interruption” specialist, find me after I warped? Did he guess where I was going? There are multiple stations in the system.
  3. Does it take longer to dock at a station when your ship is under fire?
  4. What happens to your wreck after someone kills your ship? My ship had 10,000 m^3 of low value materials which his Proteus could not have carried away.
  5. Can I go back and get the materials from the wreck?
  6. How long to wrecks last?
  7. How long do corpses last?
  8. Can you put materials back into a Customs Office?

Feel free to answer any, all, or none of the questions. Thanks!

Press and hold Shift while you drag and you should be given a Pop-up dialog text box asking how much of the item you’d like to shuffle over.

You can visually see a ship warp off towards a certain Warpable object, whether it be planets, moons, the sun, gates, etc.

No. If you warp to a Station in docking range, provided that you have no active Weapon Aggression timer, you should be able to dock immediately.

There are several other nuances between Stations and Citadels/Refineries/Engineering Complexes, but there’s no way to answer this without more information from you.

It initially goes through a 50/50 drop/destroyed chance. The 50% that survives that roll will end up in your Wreck, able to be scooped by other players.

Chances are pretty high that the materials you dropped were meaningless to him and that he was just killing you because you were an easy target.


2 hours from first creation. This applies to all wrecks, player, structure, NPC, etc.

I think 30 days?

Yes, provided that (1) the item is a Planetary Commodity, (2) there is enough space to hold it.

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Thanks! I must have made multiple mistakes in the stress of the situation. It’s good to know that I can put things back in the Customs Office. And from now on, I’m warping to my safe spot!

Dscan will show the type of ship you are flying and there is very limited number of activities you can do in Epithal ( - nothing dropped btw). So all that ganker had to do is to quickly dscan planets and warp to one that showed your ship nearby. As for the station warp - he saw direction your ship was aligning to and did the same: its not hard to guess to which object you are trying to warp out to during escape.

Some stations have very short dock/undock range and “dock” function doesn’t warp you to 0 but in 500-2500m range. So sometimes you have to fly for a bit to dock. Solution is to create and use dock bookmarks that guarantee you being in dock range when you warp to them.

And last but not least - try to tank your ship better next time.

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